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doug67 05-29-2010 09:52 AM

need help, worried about poor accident repairs
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About a month ago I had a run in with a guardrail with my 05 mustang GT. Most of the damage was cosmetic and I didnít think the repairs would be a big deal. But when I got the car back I started to notice missing bolts, weather-stripping, un-painted spot welds, and overall poor work. What Iím now concerned about is the passenger side inner fender components are too far in. Iíve attached a picture of how they installed the washer fluid reservoir. I believe there should be a fender clip in the square hole that extends to the circle hole. My thought is they didnít bend the inner fender out far enough and said screw it and drilled a new hole. While this really doesnít matter the problem is the fender stick out further then the door, and the gap between the fender and hood is very narrow and the fender is adjusted out as far as possible. I was wondering if anyone could take the time and upload a photo of their washer reservoir for me so I have some back up if they try to give me the run-around. Iím going back on Tuesday with a long list of things they missed.

03COBRA10 05-29-2010 10:25 AM

Is the shop you took it to a legit place of business? I'm guessing you have full coverage on your ride and if so did you pick out the shop or the insurance company? I've got a buddy with an 2006 GT that is suppose to swing by and I'll see if I can grab some pictures later on today if they make it over...I'll check back on and see if anyone has helped you out yet by getting a picture. Sorry to hear about your dilema, thats no good!

doug67 05-29-2010 11:09 AM

I have geico insurance and i went with their express service that provides a lifetime warranty on all repairs. The main advantage for me was they wanted to total the car when it wasnt leaking any fuild and the frame was still straight. The autobody place was CarStar collision of East Hartford, CT. I requested that i bring it to another shop but my claim adjuster said that he would be required to change the labor rate for an outside shop which would bring it over his limit of 80% of the value. Basically a truck fish tailed in front of the lady i was following hit two cars so she had to stop fast. With my ****** luck i was looking over to try to move over one lane and when i looked back i was on her bumper, swerved to avoid her and found the guardrail instead. Better the guardrail then a honda CRV...guardrails don't cause more headaches if you know what i mean.

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