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mattymustang22 08-02-2007 12:31 AM

worth the effort?
I read a post on here about cold air intakes and someone had said that they drilled out the honeycomb stock grill so that all of them allowed air flow through to the engine bay. I would just like to get opinions on whether or not it would be worth my effort to drill all of the holes out to keep the air cooler in my engine bay. Would it make much of a difference?

POCO 08-02-2007 01:01 AM

The radiator is blocking most of the air coming in.I'm trying to configure a flange that you could fasten a 3 to 4 " hose to, right in the factory hole for the stock airbox. Drop it down to a small scoop to bring in fresh air from just outside the drivers fender,maybe route the hose just below the bumper cover..Kind of like they did with 68'442's.Even the Olds 68' 350 S coupe had a similar forced air induction set up like the 442..

lazyracer 08-07-2007 01:56 PM

Hi, I built a system for myself. I used 6 washing machine hoses! Due to the amount of factory plumbing, there is no space for a large diameter hose between the valance and the airbox; hence the six washing machine hoses! The best way I could see for getting cool air into the airbox and on to spray the filter (I have a C&L CAI) was via the lower driver side valance; there is a handily placed honeycomb on either side of the lower valance, I chose the drivers side. Basically, I cut 6 holes into the honeycomb, fixed the hose(s) in place and ran them up into the airbox, I then used cable ties to hold them in the airbox and for added whizz so they sprayed air into all areas of the box. I then added a fine mesh over the holes and painted the mesh in 'valance black'.

I have no idea if it makes a real difference but it certainly wont hurt. Intake for my car5 is a C&L CAI, homemade ram air, CMCV delete and a Steeda spacer. The car seems to breather pretty well and revs nicely.

Hope this helps.

bluesfannoz 09-13-2007 01:27 AM

Could you snap some Pics of how you did it?:scratchchin

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