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The downfall of manual is that when you are in the backseat with your female friend 'talking' (lol) and you have the car off, when she gets cold and you want to turn the engine back on to warm up the car you cant because the clutch has to be in.. unless you're like 8 feet tall and you can reach the clutch from the backseat lol, but then again, you wouldn't be able to fit back there in the first place if that were the case

I have actually encountered this problem so its not just a hypothetical..lol

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2 words: Body Heat

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Originally Posted by fitzy33
What is with the Automatic Mustangs ?!?

You paid the cash to own a Stang & only get 1/2 the driving experience ?!?!

I dunno....
Wrong!!! My 04convertible, is Auto, half my fun comes from driving it, the other half, comes from blowing the doors off of guys like you! As always, se you in my rearview mirror!
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My Money

My money stays with my wallet not my fuel tank NOW. I.ve got a V6 automatic and at 2.50 a gallon I LOVE it. When I was young it was all about the cubes and torque. I've also beaten down a few new V8's even one hemi by chance. In a staright line the launch,traction, response and a thousand other things come into play. My 68 and 70 chevelle would both pull 10's all day and empty my wallet every chance they got. My first Mustang was a 73' Pinto with a 302 and welded doors. No matter what we drive the Stang is just DAMN COOL.
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Originally Posted by vantage
The downfall of manual is that when you are in the backseat with your female friend 'talking' (lol) and you have the car off, when she gets cold and you want to turn the engine back on to warm up the car you cant because the clutch has to be in.. unless you're like 8 feet tall and you can reach the clutch from the backseat lol, but then again, you wouldn't be able to fit back there in the first place if that were the case

I have actually encountered this problem so its not just a hypothetical..lol
You know, that switch can't be all that difficult to disconnect.
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Re: What is with the Automatics ?!?

I usually get the same response everytime someone finds out that my stang is an auto.

Initial: WTF! You bought an Auto tranny on a GT? What were you thinking?

Delayed: I don't blame you bro. I probably would have too. Shifting in all this traffic is a pain in the ass.

I do live in South Florida and rush our sucks every day of the week. I don't doubt that the manual would be a blast to drive, but for my situation, just wasn't practical. This car is my only one, so it's the commuter and the play thing.

Either way, this ride is the best I've ever driven. Everytime I get into it I understand why I wrote that check.
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Re: What is with the Automatics ?!?

Stick / Auto / Whatever................
I had an 05 auto and traded it in for a stick just because I enjoy using the stick. Yes the stick is more fun to drive, but can also be a pain. One thing I was disapointed about was that it does not have a dip stick to check the tranny on the auto. (of course sticks never did). I had a Lebaron that had an auto and it then had a seal leak abd would need fluid every so often till I had the time to get it fixed. That is a major drawback because to new stang auto you would not be able to add fluid to get you around for a while nor check the fluid as part of normal maintenance. Of course, manuals really do not require any maintenance. Like I said I prefer the manual, and my car is just a joy riding car so it is fine for me. I also have a day to day Olds auto, so I use that for my town chores, and my pickup (standard) for larger chores.
All in all, you drive what you like and the V6 has the same auto as the GT model, the sticks are different on the V6 and V8.

To few to mention, actually to lazy to
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Re: What is with the Automatics ?!?

When I get my GT I want a manual transmission because 1) I am young (almost 19) and I know that down the road when I get married I won't be able to have another manual car for awhile, lol. 2) My first car was an auto truck and I just want to experience what a manual would feel like.
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Re: What is with the Automatics ?!?

Originally Posted by Legion681
All trannys nowadays are good, a manual is always a pleasure (excepted if you have to move a yard at a time, like in a traffic jam), but so is the auto or a semiauto: they are just different in achieving the same thing.

As far as sport cars are concerned, for the '06 Vette (NOT the Z06, but the regular C6 ain't no slouch anyway) it's now available a "Six-Speed Paddle Shift with Automatic Modes". Ferrari has been offering its paddle shifter for years now (I am pretty sure it offers full auto capability, besides semiauto), so has BMW (and this one I know for sure it's got the full auto capability) for its M models, Mercedes offers a 7sp (!!!) automatic for some of its more sporty models (for example: the SLK 55 AMG), Audi had an auto for its top of the line RS6 model (450 hp) and rumors are that they will offer it in the upcoming new RS6 with 500+ hp too (probably a DSG style gearbox, actually). I believe also Aston Martins have some sort of auto gearbox too.
Finally, the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, probably the most powerful production car made today with its 1001 hp (in European trim. 987 for the USA), has a
seven-speed double-clutch (DSG) transmission: it goes from 0-62 mph in 2.5s, 0-125 in 7.3s, 0-186 in 16.8s and reaches a top speed of 250 mph. I don't think any regular production car can beat these numbers (therefore placing this car on the top of the food chain as far as sport cars are concerned. She is the king of the hill...) and as I said, it does not sport a manual tranny...
Finally as far as motorsport goes, what I objectively believe to be the highest level of motor racing, Formula 1, has been using semiauto trannies from the late 80s (I might be wrong, but I believe the last time a manual tranny was used in a F1 car was back in 1989) and as a matter of fact full autos were outlawed by FIA because they wanted to have the drivers to still have the possibility to change gears, even if this was achieved thru the use of a semiauto tranny. But the F1 teams wanted the full auto, as they noticed it was the faster type of tranny they could put in a car...

This said, I believe all trannys are ok, people buy what they want. But if someone asks me what is going to be the future for very powerful, very fast, high end sport cars, I feel the manual tranny's days are pretty much over (and so it ought to be, after all is the 21st century...).
The vaste majority of automakers have spoken and the verdict is in favor of either auto or smg/dsg (=semiauto) trannys.
In Europe a lot of cars, of all types, are offered with semiautos nowadays, sooner or later this trend will find its way to the USA too. I believe this is what is going to happen as far as trannys are concerned for the US market...let's say in the next 10 years...
I would bet my money on it.

I have no bones to pick with Auto's, as a matter of fact the mustangs new Auto is pretty good.

The only bone I have to pick is with calling Bugatti's DSG an "Auto" or calling Ferrari's paddle shift and "Auto" The DSG in the Bugatti is really a double clutch manual transmission with a computer controlling everything. The Ferrari is a sequential shift manual transmission with a computer operating the clutch and shifting functions.

I definetly understand your point, people want the performance of a manual but the convienince of automatic function. BTW, the DSG seems to do it best.

You can see the project at Grassroots Motorsports
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