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Dallas has these freakish rainstorms that roll up from out of nowhere....and I got caught in a bad downpour....I am pushing my top button and holding it and waiting.....nothing happening...rain pouring in....I am freaking, "OH top is broken.....needless to say I a spewing a few choice words about FORD quality until I realize I had put the convertible top boot on and it is holding the top in place.....D'OH !!!!!!

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heres one but not about a mustang.
One time me and a friend went fishing at some big lake and we were in my 91 Jeep Wrangler and we didnt have ANY kind of top on it. Zero protection. so we're out there and its starts pouring. about 2 hours later its slows down to just sprinklin. we go and look at the soaked jeep and the thing is flooded on the inside about 4 inches. and the drains under the mats were clogged (dont ask me how that happens) so we have to drive to my house soakin and its still rainin so it keeps filling up on the way home. It took about 2 days to drain all the water out and it ruined the radio we bought like 1 year ago.

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Another 360 story...

Just had my 06 GT for only two days and I was driving home when a light rain started to fall here in Atlanta. Well as I am approaching Hwy 20 and get on the onramp, you know one of those big circle around deals half moon shaped, I am taking it easy going around it knowing that it is wet and as I am starting to straighten out I give the baby some gas. It did not matter that traction control was on the rear end went right out from under me and I was proceeding down the onramp sideways freaking out with only 100 miles on the car. So of course I over correct and swing myself the opposite direction and am still going sideways down the on ramp. A few more fish tails and I am facing the wrong direction at the end of the onramp, car stalled out and cars coming at me trying to merge. Needless to say it scared the crap out of me and my legs were like butter. Could barely operate the clutch for the 2 mile trip home. Won't ever forget that.
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Not really a d'oh moment, but last year here in Dallas it iced over one night. I'm sitting at work and its around 2pm and everyone is getting frantic becuase it went from like 40 something degrees to 30 something within the hour. No biggie, my shift was over at 9. Then 5pm hits and its drizzling outside along with the temp. dropping another 10 degrees. My boss then decides its getting bad and wants to send us home... at 6:30 if no customers show up (I was cashiering at a Toyota service drive... I mean really, who is going to get their oil changed with those conditions out there?).

6:30 rolls around and we're booking. From the time period of 5-6, the view from my window went from normal to all white and gleamy. So, I know there's ice like crazy out there and I have to get home. But, instead, I go to my girlfriend's house because 1) its closer, and 2) less drivers that way (it was against rush hour traffic). I'm hopping on 121N and taking the ramp towards 635 doing about 25 mph or so when I decide I'm going too fast for the upcoming overpass. I let off the gas and barely press in the clutch to shift out of 3rd when my backside starts flying to the right. I start to turn into the spin but the car won't stop. I do a 540 and I end up facing what used to be my 3 oclock in the middle of the offramp.

Yeah, I felt like a deuchebag after that. I look over to my right and see like 20 cars coming up on me. So I threw it into reverse and pulled into the grass (no curb thankfully) and sat until they passed and went about my way doing no more than 20mph the whole way to her house.

Pretty scary sh!t when you cannot control your car. It was my first time driving in icy conditions like that so I think I did well for not crashing. If there was another car near me at the time though, I would've had a wreck.

Luck was on my side.

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All these D'oh 's are bringing back some fond memories.

I was just 15, no license, driving a 2 year old 1977 Mustang hatch back with a manual tranny and a 302. My "big brothers" car, he was a cop and had taught me all the 'cop driving' skills it that car. Man what fun that thing was, 360's at 60 mph, reverse to forward 180's on narrow city streets, smokin the tires in all the grears...etc.

We're coming back from a cop party, he had a bit too much to drink so he let me drive. Long country highway central Illinois. Spot a deer standing at the side of the road just staring at me coming up about 60. I skoot over to the further lane, brother looks up and says just don't slow down...he may run in front of us. As he finishes saying that, the deer bolts straight across the road. I drop a gear, mash the pedal and BAM that deer ran right dead center into the passenger door, flips up over the roof, and he's gone in the darkness.

Brother got knocked damn near into my lap. He sobered up, was p*ssed about the car. At least he agreed with my reaction, said that had I tried to slow down or anything else that deer would have been coming thru the windshield at us. Poor mustang.

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My Mustang was 4 weeks old;

Driving back from a hellacious party near Austin TX. Place called Bee Cave back in 1979. I had a brand new cobra when I failed to navigate a turn off a loose gravel road and skidded into a small ravine. My buddies and I crawel out of the car when we realized three wheels were off the ground and the only thing holding us there was a three-foot tall boulder. We heard a lady up the hill asked if we were alright and told us they had called the wrecker.
We waited at her place and she told us that she and her husband were just saying that it had been a long time since someone had done what I did.
Took a month to get the parts from the factory and get my car back on the road. What a trip!!

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There is nothing worse when changigg your oil and you forget to put the oil drain plug back on. Luckily I didnt start the car because my oil pan was overflowing and spilling oil onto my driveway when I found out so I knew something was fishy. Well I had to go to the auto store again, of course with another car, buy new oil and this time I make sure I put the drain plug back on. A real ditsy moment on my part.
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Originally Posted by iplaydat
As careful as we are with our new Mustang babies, sometimes our minds go on vacation and we do something dumb that we wouldn't want to bring up at the next family reunion. But we can share those moments here in relative anonymity. Since this is my thread, I will start. Who can top me?

Last week, I arrived home in the evening and parked the Mustang in the driveway, in front of my attached garage. The garage doors were locked, and since I just moved in I have not changed the lock so I can not unlock it from the outside. So I leave the car running, and go inside and make my way to go to the garage to move the Mustang. On my way to do that, I notice my wife is home from her week long business trip from London. So we start talking, and she gives me the wink and says let's go to the bedroom before the teenage kids get home for dinner. Of course I jumped at that, and forgot all about the Mustang running in the driveway. So then we have dinner, watch some TV, and we go to sleep. The next morning my kids get up for school(pretty early 5:30am), and I am woken up by my son yelling, "The Mustang is running in the driveway!". Turns out the car was idling all night long, for about 8 hours! D'oh! Double D'oh! I wonder how much wear that's gonna have on the engine? Lucky for me I live in a small town, so the car was still there the next morning. I still can't believe I did this, and now you all know!

O well....just think..if you wouldn't have been side tracked by the dinner it would have only been running for 6 minutes!
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Originally Posted by Foolinjected
O well....just think..if you wouldn't have been side tracked by the dinner it would have only been running for 6 minutes!
Oh YEAH BABY!:eyepoppin

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Mine's from this past July 4th. Was following a buddy through a restaurant parking lot. I'd never been there, so I thought he knew what he was doing. He went in the back entrance and took the LAST parking spot back there. So I parked in the alley behind the building. Walking in, I found a better spot, so I decided to move my car. As I was backing out of the alley, which slightly curved to the right, I never saw the 3-foot high dumpster to the left of me, and BAM! -- swiped it with my front fender. Put a nice crease in it, and about a 1 1/2 inch scratch on the door in front of the mirror. The car was in the shop 36 hours later. When I got it back, they had also replaced the side mirror, which I hadn't noticed was scratched underneath. So I sold the mirror on eBay and got part of my deductible back. Total damage estimate was $1001. No pics of the damage (trying to forget), but they did a great job with the repairs.
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Here is a D'oh !! Moment, just happened this week, It was my sons birthday and we went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate, I stopped in front of the restaurant to let out the passengers while I go an find a parking spot and to get our name on the waiting list…
Just as I opened my door the car behind me zooms around me, all I heard was scrape. I look and the whole side of this guys Honda is scratched and dented, the mirror and door handle are gone. I panic and look at my door, Wahoo no dent and the paint is chipped off the edge of the door.

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Well this is a sort of scary yet happy story...

It happened this March when I was at school down at Cal Poly (west coast California), we were having some freak weather and it acctually started snowing on the beach. Needless to say as I was driving mildly above the speed limit on the freeway, hit some black ice in my '04 Civic, pull a 720 and smash into one of those 10' highway signs.

Needless to say the car was totalled... HOWEVER, no one was injured at all (thank God), and I actually received more money from insurance than I had paid for my civic.

The story ends with me walking to my Ford dealer the next week and paying for my new mustang in cash!

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I was trying to remove the driveshaft from my Torino a while back (can't even remember why anymore). The back end of the car was on ramps in my garage. I removed the U-bolts from the U-joint but the drive shaft wouldn't budge. Since it also wouldn't spin, I realised I left the automatic trans in park so I get out from under the car and reach in the open window to put it in neutral.

As soon as I move the column shifter to neutral, the car starts rolling down off the ramps. I can't hold the car back and I needed to let go or get caught by the side of the garage door opening. It rolls out the door and down the driveway.

While running after it, the drive shaft falls out (I already removed the U-bolts, remember). I finally catch up to it, jump in and hit the breaks, just barely stopping it before it exited the driveway.

Now I'm in a pickle, the car is at the bottom end of a downward sloping driveway and no drive shaft so I can't just drive it back into the garage. So now I chock the front wheels, use a floor jack and jack stands and complete whatever repairs I had planned and re-install the driveshaft in the driveway near the street.

Should have used the wheel chocks in the first place!

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I have two identical scratches on my rear bumper, not large or deep but noticeble. They are 2 inces long and 1 inch apart... They were made the exactly same way months apart... too lazy (tired?) to hold my work bag of the car when I got home from work and took it out... sux!

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"Should have used the wheel chocks in the first place!"

Your lucky you didn't get run over.

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