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xxxxxxxxVintageV8 08-12-2006 10:26 AM

Willing to listen to an educated answer
I've been a member of these Forums for awhile. I think I joined just prior to buying my latest car. I was interested in what specific Mustang people thought about the overall car, especially mechanically, because exterior wise it was a no-brainer - I could see that.

Since joining, having not been a member of "Forums" before, I was interested in the numbers of people who seem to be expending a lot of discretionary income and felt it necessary to ask other people they did not know - what color car they should buy, should they clean their glove box, what car should they drive for they had two, should I wave to people.

I can understand questions and comments about how fast someone might go, stick vs, automatic, tire replacement, sequential lights and upgrades and accessories, but having decided to spend about $30,000 and than, (are they serious?) asking people you do not know what color you should buy?

I am a great believer in "Communicative Management" - ask questions, but make the decision on your own - but I just cannot understand how someone can ask, for instance, whether or not they should put stripes on their car? I would think if someone was asking the question they were better than 50% to doing it - well - make a decision and either do it or not - than come to the Forum and post pictures of YOUR handiwork and decision. Maybe telling people where you got the stripes, cost, work involved. The same goes for the overall accessory upgrades - this is very informative - people telling us what they did - cost, vendor, pictures and back and forth asking questions. But to ask people you do not know whether you should put a chrome do dad on the pritzer pin I just do not understand.

Maybe it is a generational thing and I can understand that and do enjoy the comments of all, but maybe this morning having just :bounce2: washed the car with Turtle Wax washing cleaner, which I will not buy again, I just cannot decided whether to put tire dressing on the tires or not. I will stick with Maguires car wash soap.

Decisions, decisions.


kj_cinci 08-12-2006 11:32 AM

I'll wash with anyhing that's soap and 'wax'... am lazy! Now half of those guys you just talked about feel an erge to come here do it properly... ;)

I use Michelin tire shine as that's good for plastics too, and not only does it make the tire shine but also treats it so it will last longer...?? + I have Michelin tires and it's what they recommend, go figure... ;)

Yea, why ask what color to get...?? I have been thinking that to... but came to pros and cons would be good, like black;hard to keep clean, red;awakes the police, etc...??
Stripes, who cares.... it's up to you... sugestions for stripes as in colors, design, width etc. I guess would be nice to see in a pic before spending that money...??

But overall I think and hope most make their own decitions...??

Marcus GT 08-12-2006 12:10 PM

Vintage, welcome to the Forums.

Please explain to me how you expect people to read your post, slamming people that post comments and then don't want people to throw things at you.

The members of these type of forums come here, post questions because they are communicating with others that might have experience with the subject they are asking about. When a member posts a question about stripes, they are looking for information and possible pictures of different types of stripes and different types of applications. You need to ask these type of questions because there many different types of stripes. Not just one type like you think. There are stripes that are painted and stripes that are stick on style. Some stripes are wide some are thin. Some are wide with thin accent stripes. There are single stripes, double stripes, short stripes and long stripes. Some stop at the top edges of the car and some go to the bottom of the car. Some are done buy shops and some are done by members. Some members have never done this type of thing before and are looking for information to see if they can do it themselves. I am sure there are many more facets to stripes that I have not covered but since I have never striped my car I would never know unless I read this forum.

Is it a generational thing? I can only guess that this type of communication is associated with the technology. You dont have to be 20ish to post here. There are plenty of people that are from the next generation back. Maybe even 2 generations back. Using forums was something that hasnt been around forever. Forums have only come about since the invent of the computer and internet. You can thank Dan Quale for that. The internet is a great place for information. Its like an information super highway. Maybe I could coin that term. ;)

As for asking questions and making your own decision does factor into the forum idea. I drive my car and think of something that might be a great idea for my car. I can post a question here and get input from people that have experience. They may have pictures of what it would like and maybe have other information relative to the application. This allows me to make an informative decision. Why does it matter that I dont "know" the person. Am I only limited to ask questions of my friends and neighbors that I see? That seems very narrow minded. I dont think many members are modifying their cars because some other member said to do it. They are looking for input and making their own decision on what choice to make.

We have the availability to communicate in this type of forum. It is very different than it was back in the 20's. Times change and I am very thankful for that. Things are going to change in the future but to what extent I do not know. If I did, I could take advantage of it and use it for advancement but for now, I will use what I have.

You live in a great country. You are afforded many choises and freedoms. This forum is one of them and the members are too. You have the freedom to start your own forum that posts only answers to your question and only from your friends. How much information will you receive? For now, I will read these messages and learn for every single one of them. Either how to do something or how not to do it. That is my choice.

I love my country, I love my car and I love this forum. I can suggest that if you do not like this forum, you have the freedom to leave. Its YOUR choice.

xxxxxxxxVintageV8 08-12-2006 12:13 PM

MARCUS GT - now that's the answer I've been looking for.

Tedz Pony 08-12-2006 12:41 PM

I won't add much, because Marcus said it very well, but I think you'll find that everyone else on here feels the same way. You suggest were are mindless automatons looking for someone to tell us what to do with our own vehicles, and that's insulting.

I asked for advice about stripes - colors, styles, etc. - for exactly the reasons that Marcus listed. Yes, I may know that I want stripes, and I even had an idea what type and color. However, someone told me about the pony-painter java applet website, and I tried out what I was thinking of, to find out it really did not look very good. Thanks to whomever that was, by the way, because I'm really glad I do not have red stripes on my windveil blue Mustang, which by the way was suggested by a friend. Good thing I had a "stranger" to ask to steer me the right way.

Final point, it's a free country. Even if someone DID choose to let everyone on this forum decide for him how to design his own "dream car," what do you care? It's his car. That's been said many times as people have debated what makes a car "riced" or not, and condemned each other for "ricing" a Mustang. But it all comes down to the guy who paid $30,000 for a car and wants to ask a question. If he can't decide for himself, that's his own personal issue, and it affects you in absolutely no way whasoever.

His car, his choice.

roboz 08-12-2006 01:26 PM

I tend to ask questions hoping to get answers I happen to be looking for :shrug
To be specific , while something like color choice , since I happened to pose that question , may sound trite , pointless , uninspired among other opinions , in reality, it is something that enthusiasts have experience with.

Right now I can speak to the pro's & con's of performance white . Others can lend their experience with the pitfalls of black . Most car collectors will tell you Black , White & Red are the mainstay colors. Silvers or other flakes may fade more rapidly.
Lime green may have quirks particular to lime green in fact Ford themselves may have issues with some of their colors.

Point is what sounds trivial to you may very well be a legitimate querry for someone else.

BTW- for the record...EVERY Mod on my current car came via questions & answers originating from threads here. As far as I'm concerned , Bassani , Saleen , Halibrand , Cervini etc. Should be major advertisers here.

mrvandermey 08-12-2006 02:32 PM

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Just my $.02 worth. Vintage, I agree with you to some degree. I am firm believer that if your money is investd you should make the decision. However, where I differ from you is the use of a forum.

I am not quite as young as many my fellow Mustang friends on this forum, nor am I the oldest. I am old enough to be old school. But I do like to post questions and comments to get other people's input. Using the stripes example, we all have our own ideas regarding stripes. Currently I do not have stripes on my car, yet I do want them. So I have come to this forum to get ideas, suggestions and comments. After talking to many of my friends here, I was able to determine what type of strieps I want and how I want them done. This forum showed my that vinyle strieps can be very impressive, but many people her on this forum have had issues with vinyle stripes that I simply did not know existed, for I have never used final stripes on any car.

After disovering the potential problems with vinyle stripes, I was convinced that painted stripes are the way to go. Yet, I rapidly discoverd the disadvantage of painted stripes...the cost. Now do not get me wrong, I spent a small fortune customizing my Stang, but I do have hard time justifying the large cost of one modification. So I have relied on my friends here to tell me their experiences and opinions. My goal is to make a winning car showing car. So I rely on the the experience of others to let me know how car shows respond to vinyle stripes versus painted stripes.

I have decided that I am going painted stripes. However, I have convertible and I personally feel the stripes going from end to end and up and over the top of a vert is a bit odd looking. So I wanted suggestions for other stripe possiblities. tThrough this forum and seeing pics of other Stangs, I have taken apsects that I liek from several sources and hence have come up with an idea I like. Yes, once done, I will post and get comments. I may post a photshop version first to make sure before I spend a small fortune on something permenant, that I am able to judge reaction to such. But in the end, I wil make my decision, with help from friends that have done something similar.

Another example you mentioned is color. Color is an insteresting concept. I personally have a black with red interior car. My first choice was to have a red with either black or red interior. Do not get me wrong, I love my black car, but have learned many things about a black show car from here. Currently, for the '07 models there is a new color called grabber orange. I personally think that color is extremely hot. I like it enough that I would have bought it had it been avbailable at the time I bought mine, or if I were to buy one today, I would buy it. But I found out by talking to friends here, that that color is a love or hate color. My friends and family here do not car for it at all. I still love it. I have a friend here on this forum, Grabber Orange, who has this color and still sends me compliments on my black car.

Finally, I remark on modifications in general. I post here to get opinions, suggestions and comments from others to find out about any modification. My latest modification is a new hood. I want to know from others what is expected from this hood. What can I expect ot encounter once this hood is installed. Whenever I do a mod, I ask who else has done this mod with this particular brand name. For example, ont he suspension kit. When I asked aobut that, I got an overwhelmiong support for Eibach springs. I ended up going with the Saleen kit (which is essentially Eiback springs), becasue it was the a full suspension with a brand name I knwo and trust. I knwo there are many people here who think I may have spent too much money for Saleen's name, and many think I should have gone with Tokico shocks. But I mad emy decison, and i am happy with it. I got the final results I was looking for.

So, I will end by saying, this forum is a fabulous source of information. I like getting comments, suggestions, opinions, and even compliments from my friends here. I like when people can tell me their expereinces with particular modifications, manufactures, and parts. I am not mechanically inclined, so I appreciate all the guys (and gals) you have given me tips in installation of items. To all my friends here, thank you and I look forward to showing you more of my ideas in order to get more of your comments (good and bad).

You all have a great day. :shigrin

1970coupe 08-12-2006 07:39 PM

i believe people post those comments for their own piticular reasons i figured most being opinons also i believe that getting info. from someone thats expirenced what your attempting is very helpful....i doubt that people post threads what color is the best: is due to the fact that they have an idea of what they want and there just hoping people will reenforce that i think theres nothing wrong but we all have our own opnions....

napalmbomb 08-12-2006 08:01 PM

I have been toying with the stripes issue myself,just cant make the decision,its like getting a tattoo, its permanant. I took off the rear spoiler just to see what the car would look like. I am keeping it off. Just my opinion but I think the car looks better and others have commented the same.
Oh and by the way MARCUS it was Al Gore who invented the Internet, not Dan Quayle. Otherwise your right on.

HornyGT 08-12-2006 08:14 PM

VintageV8: If I may read between your lines, I get what you mean. By asking questions, receiving replies and pictures, and commenting on other cars, you somehow become attached on something you never liked before. When you become a part of a forum (not just a member) a 'part of' as participating so much and looking at others cars you become interested in other styles. For example, I never ever liked the idea of stripes on any street car, maybe on race cars you see in racing tracks, but suddenly I changed my mind when I saw few striped mustangs in forums and how other people admire and receive compliments for doing it, so I began liking the stripe idea.
I think forums are really effective in changing your view point and not necessarily to the right direction. I do agree with you that it's always your own final decision to do whatever you want with your car, and I agree that the members of forums are not your friends, coz friendship is really overrated. But the members here and in any forum have no reason to give you a bad answer, coz the whole idea of forum is to exchange knowledge and experience.
And the main reason why you're buying a sexy car is to impress people with it including youself, so the right way to go is to know what impresses people the most.

Marcus GT 08-12-2006 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by napalmbomb
Oh and by the way MARCUS it was Al Gore who invented the Internet, not Dan Quayle. Otherwise your right on.

Dang, I knew it was one of those Vice guys. Thanks for the correction. :gringreen

xxxxxxxxVintageV8 08-12-2006 09:01 PM

Guys, many thought out responses.

I used the "stripe" issue as a generality for some of the questions asked here, not a specific. Continuing the "stripe" thing, because many seemed more comfortable with that particular subject - what I was observing was not the discussions of color, design, vendor, placement and materials etc., but an outright question for example of "should I put stripes on my car"?

I can not understand how someone can approach people they do not know and ask such a question. It is like walking up to a stranger and asking should I paint my house? How would anyone reasonably know?

Once a person makes the decison to paint, yes a question of color, material, and priming might be more appropriate.

Now, before this gets completely out of hand, I do thank you all for your comments and do / did take all seriously and will be material to think about and renew a spirit of patience and understanding. Thanks again.
Bill C

mrvandermey 08-12-2006 09:32 PM

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VintageV8, have you ever gone to a store and asked a complete stranger if a certain item looks good on you? Or in particular, ask a a total stranger, say a woman, if you look good in a certain piece of clothing? Or gone shopping for your kid, and not knowing anything about video games, ask a totatl stranger, andother kid, what is hot in the video game industry? In all those examples, you are asking for the opinions and comments from total stranger. You are counting on the experience and judgment of strangers. That is is how it is here. We want the opinions of our fellow Mustang owners, hoping someone has already tried it and discovered all the bugs and etc. Hope this helps.

Marcus GT 08-12-2006 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by VintageV8

I can not understand how someone can approach people they do not know and ask such a question. It is like walking up to a stranger and asking should I paint my house? How would anyone reasonably know?

Bill C

Bill, open you mind. Your question above can be answered with the rest of what we have been trying to say. You ask how would anyone reasonable know? FROM FREAKING EXPERIENCE!!!!! Someone asks about srtipes or CAI or spoilers or wheels or tires or tickets or interior or radio or exhaust or whatever, chances are that someone here has reasonable knowledge about it because they have done it or know about it from EXPERIENCE!!!! Also known as knowledge.

As S197 Mustangers, we have a special bond. I would be willing to bet that 99.98% of the members of this forum know reasonably what they are talking about. Why does there need to be an actual meeting of bodies for a friendship to exist? Come on, get out of your little spider hole and experience life. Just because you dont know someone personally doesnt meant that they are untrustworthy and dont know what they are talking about. It doesnt mean that they dont have reasonable knowledge of something.

When you have computer problems, do you trust the tech on the service phone? Do you know him/her personally? When you go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask questions, do you automatically distrust the information they give because you dont know them? When you watch TV, do you actually listen to the information reported? Do you know the reporters? Do you trust the weather persons forcast? Ok, bad example. Do you trust EVERYTHING your next door neighbor says based only on the fact that you "know" him? You need to open up your mind Bill. Have some faith in people that you dont know. Listen to what is being said and make your own decessions based on the information presented and not solely on if you know the person or not.

When you were going through school, did you have to spend a few days getting to know the teachers and start a friendship BEFORE you started listening to what they were teaching? How did that work out for you?

Good luck in life Bill. You have a lot to learn.

holly_lowe 08-12-2006 09:52 PM

I can understand where all of you are coming from. I cannot reasonably expect someone else to know wether or not I should stripe my car. However, it is always nice to have other opinions. I love to come to these forums and get opinions and find out what has and hasn't worked for other people. Personally, I wouldn't know where to start with pinstripes on my mustang, if I were to do that. First, before I consider stripes, I have to decide on a color. Momentarily, the entire car is in primer. As of yet, I am undecided on a color but am seriously considering white or black. Red looks nice too, however, I always swore I would never own a red car and I seem to have pretty good luck with white. Although, I will probably go with white, I am still considering black, because change is nice sometimes.

I strongly believe that these forums are for people with open minds. When you can ask someone you don't know what their opinion is and honestly consider it, then you know that you have made it to the open minded stage. Even if it is an idea that you are not crazy about to begin with, always consider it. It may be something that you totally fall in love with.

On another hand, does anyone have pics of different spoilers? The one on my car is damaged and I would like to replace it but I am not sure that I want the same one.

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