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Originally Posted by HornyGT
lol, i don't think it's a generation gap, it's just bad english combined with bad spelling lol. I meant a 'node' not a 'hode', what's crackin, is like, what's up or what's happenin. as for what i mean, all I'm saying is that, mustang drivers should consider grinning or giving some kind of signal like: "I solute you my friend for driving a mean machine". It's just feels sad when you pass by the very same car ur driving without giving the thumb up, just my view. I guess I'm a little happier than I should be for driving this '05

Here in PA I get responses from a thumbs up or a wave around 80% of the time with another Mustang coming head on. If I'm next to some one and if they don't beat me to it I almost always get a response especially if it's an S197. Sometimes, I even miss a head on greeting if I'm not paying attention.

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I dunno ...If I see a guy w/a Horny GT plate & he's all smiles & waves

I'd bee-line it the heck out of there

Sure as heck don't want him coming up on my rear !!

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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Originally Posted by roboz
I dunno ...If I see a guy w/a Horny GT plate & he's all smiles & waves

I'd bee-line it the heck out of there

Sure as heck don't want him coming up on my rear !!

ROFL. I dunno about the smiles and waves, but get that queer away from my rear!

2005 Mustang GT - SCT X3 + ROUSH CAI, FRPP Stingers, Silverhorse Blackout Panel, Brushed "Aluminum" Dash Kit, California Special rear bumper, chrome American Racing ROGUE wheels 20x8.5 with 255/35/20 Yokohama S.Drive tires, ROUSH rear springs.... JVC KW-AVX820
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Especially if he's looking for a small head hode.
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around here we just exchange exhaust tones lol.
vroom vroom
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I just rip my shirt off and flash them my gray chest hairs...

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

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If I tried to give a thumps up or a nod to every mustang I saw around here I'd drive myself nuts. Here is the thing.....Most people that drive a mustang, it's just a car that looks cool, they probably aren't mustang freaks like most of us. It seems like I only get a wave or thumbs up from other modded stangs, cause they are the ones that care. I do however get lots of attitude from 05+ stangs and I'm not sure why....maybe it's the "I have the new style" attitude....who knows
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Originally Posted by HornyGT
no u guys don't get it, mustang drivers are supposed to be different and here's why, if you're drivin a porsche, ferrari, lambo, that just means ur a rich M.F. but doesn't have to be a cool person (u know one of 'THE guys'), but a mustang driver attracts chicks attention, and girls really dig that. but that's not what i'm talkin about. I'm concerned about the relationship between two mustang drivers, they should always give the thumb up when they meet on the road, even a small head hode would do, sort of saying: "what's crackin yo!", but can't find that nowadays.
I'm with you HornyGT. Everytime I see another S197 I have a strong urge to smile and give them a thumbs up, but I've noticed not all S197 drivers feel the same. A lot look like they just want to maintain their "cool" I-don't-care demeanor.

A few months ago, before I got my new car, I was driving the wife's Contour SVT to get new rotors for the old 93 GT. I was caught at a light next to a beatiful black S197 GT. The guy had his window down so I rolled mine down and shouted "Beautiful car! I want one baaaaad!" He smiled and replied "You gotta get one of these."

But to make you feel better - a week after I got the new stang I was gassing up at Quiktrip. I ran inside to get a snack, and as I was leaving a guy stopped me and asked if that was my new GT out there. He wanted to know how I liked it because he was thinking about getting one. There I was going on about what a great car it was and telling him how it makes 300hp on 87 octane, and handles great and stuff. Ahhhhh, it's some kind of sickness. Mustang Madness! I'm obsessed with this car.

93 GT hatchback, 5 speed, 3.08 gear, mechanical clutch. Mods: K&N filter, air silencer removed

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Mods: Hurst Competition Plus short shifter, De Molet Tunable Induction CAI, SCT Xcal2
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i've had crowds gather around mine in the city ...i've had guys in lambos give me thumbs when i hear noone cares what we drive i have to raise an eyebrow...the only car on the road anywhere thats a bigger icon is the vette and only barely...
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Originally Posted by HeiMa
I just rip my shirt off and flash them my gray chest hairs...
Great, now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Let's face it, not everybody "Joins the Club". Those in the know will give a wave, others are mearly driving "transportation". Here in the Boonies, everybody waves. Doesn't matter if you're in a Lambo or on horseback. Heck, they'll wave if you're on a bike which is kinda hard to wave back from. That's just the South.
I've had people wave who are driving Mustangs, and I surely wave back. But, why should I care if they won't notice me? I've spent my whole life not giving a s--t. Why start now?

'05 Sonic Blue GT w/ '07 V8 engine, 5-sp, IUP, Beige leather interior, nothing else -
just the way I wanted it. (1 of 113)
OK, so I've added a few things to it. Check my Profile - too many to list here.
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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
i've had crowds gather around mine in the city ...i've had guys in lambos give me thumbs when i hear noone cares what we drive i have to raise an eyebrow...the only car on the road anywhere thats a bigger icon is the vette and only barely...
Yeah, second babies get PLENTY of looks when I'm drivin' around. Don't read too much into the unresponsiveness either. I give a lot of other S197s but not all of 'em look up. What do I see on their faces? Worry, tiredness, deep thought, all kindsa stuff. Yeah, I think they should be happier too, but it's life, and it sometimes blows...

Keep doin' what you're doin'...spread that Pony joy. Sing it loud: I'd like to buy the world a Stang, and keep 'em company...

(Yeah baby...are you HORNY baby?)

Sorry, couldn't resist...

"I may never be famous, but my girls Dixi and Luci sure are."

Dixi Candace: Windveil Blue Stick V6 '05, Steeda CAI w/BBK 70mmTB/hi-flo inlet, XCal2, ASP UP, JBA SS Shorties/Evol, FRPP T-Lok diff, 34/28 mm F/R sway bars, MMR rear LCAs, Monte C. strut bar, Precision 3.73s, Snow H2OCH4O, "Q" grille and tons of Dixi Bling chrome

Luci Elinor: Legend Lime Auto GT '06 Premium, JLT2 CAI, XCal2 Brenspeed 93, BBK 62mmx2 TB, Steeda UPs, Pypes Violators polished, SMR strut tower, A.H. & Stage3 louvers
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Most older mustang owners from generations previous, especially the old 5.0's that I've seen, all want to race when they see my car. I dont know what it is, but I dont feel like being "that guy"... you know, the irresponsible 21 year old who has a hot car. Granted, girls do tend to give some pretty nice looks my way, but that really wasnt the point of buying and modding it. The fact is, if you want to join an elite club where everybody smiles and waves, buy a Vette or Viper. The fact is, our cars are made affordable so that others can enjoy them... Not everybody is in love with their car (ME!)

*2005 Mustang GT- Torch Red, IUP, Shaker 500, MyColor, JLT II CAI w/Brenspeed Tune, SLP L/M's, BBK T/B, Steeda UDPs, Shaker hood, B2 hood/pins,18x9.5 GT500 replicas, CDC Chin Spoiler, Roush 1/4 window louvers, 8" antenna, honeycomb blackout, MWA mirror covers, Sequential TL's, black LED projector H/L's, H/L splitters, Ducktail, Hurst equipped....

*1969 Camaro SS with 454

2000 Camaro Z-28, heavily modified
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'06 Gt500 Wow

Originally Posted by Godlik3
They dont know if im driving a 69 Boss or a 06 GT500, it's still a "mustang" to the general public.
'06 GT500? must be a very exclusive 1 of 1 built edition . Don't worry of course we all know you meant '07 GT500 just busting your balls.

Silver '05 Premium Convertible,5 Spd Mnl,IUP, C&L CAI, Bassani Axle Backs, Predator 91 Octane Tune, Hurst Shifter, IVA-310 Alpine touch screen stereo, 10" W7's 1500W HiFonics amp MB Quartz component speakers 600W HiFonics amp.
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Originally Posted by GT Express
'06 GT500? must be a very exclusive 1 of 1 built edition . Don't worry of course we all know you meant '07 GT500 just busting your balls.
Duh... I meant to say that . I was empasizing the idea that the average person doesn't know the difference in mustang styles (v6, GT, cobra.. yea you get me). Hell, when I was 16 and first looking for a car my dad tried to buy me a fox and I didn't want it because I thought it looked like a "box" (I didn't even know it was a MUSTANG!). Only if I would of known what I know now... :hihi: Hell , I would have that 90 GT running low 13s by now...
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Like the rest of you I get a lot of looks in my car and I try to wave, smile or in some way acknowledge the other owners a much as possible. Try to relay or suggest the whole Mustang brotherhood thing even if it subliminal.

I believe what makes the Mustang and the brotherhood possible is the unlimited opportunity to "individualize" our cars. While many of us sport some of the same performance mods, each car is different with a special paint or wheels, hood even tires. Too me thats cool and even if I looked like a hair on somebody's ass I still look and feel cool in my car.

"Don't cuss American Cars with food in your mouth"
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