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C5D 07-27-2007 12:49 PM

05+ Carbon Fiber Hood and Trunk lid questions
Greetings fellow Forum members,

In going through my list of possible upgrades for my 06 vert, and because:

A) Stupid Indiana DOT workers that didn't put up barrells when they were putting asphault down on I-65..DURING THE DAY!..spraying my car with pebbles...

B) Another truck was on the freeway, carrying stones, and of course, one came flying at my car...

C) both episodes A and B caused dings and scapes in my hood...

D) I never liked the look of the stock spoiler on my GT...

I've looked at a couple carbon fiber hoods and trunks from reputable manufacturers (seibon and VIS) that everyone on the forums seem to like. So, here are my questions:

1) I have a black car, and the hood and trunk come already blown with clear coat. Is this a job that I can do myself in my garage with a friend, or should I get a body shop to do it? I've heard that fitment on the good manufacturer pieces are good, but it might need massaging. What does that mean? I'm OK with drilling holes for fasteners/accessories and removing and putting on the hood and trunk lid with some shims maybe, but if it becomes more than that I would like to know what that entails.

2) OK...I know I'm gonna get blasted on this one...but would it be too "import tuner" to leave them in the CF look, or should I get them repainted. I agree, a CF panel on a yellow/red/any color car is stupid draws too much attention to the panels and not the car. However, on my black car...I think I can get away with it and save a little money.

3) I'm looking for a different option than hood pins. I have nothing against them, I just seem them a lot, and it's not for me. However, I saw a cool hood latching system on some old 70's musclecar. It was like a large disk that was almost flush to the surface of the hood. It alsmost looked like a large standard head screw. It would lock the hood to the no need for pin cables. I liked it...flush, kinda sleeper, and functional. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

In case anyone was wondering, I'm looking for a OEM CF hood and seibon makes an CF trunk lid with an integrated ducktail spoiler...all one piece...real sweet lookin'.

Thanks in advance for your info/opinions.

AirGoNomyk 07-27-2007 01:34 PM

I don't know about the trunk lid, but I have a Seibon C/F Ram air hood on my black GT and I have yet to paint it...people say it looks great but I believe I'm gonna paint it. I will probably leave the area around the intakes C/F. The fitment from Seibon is really good imho.

myltlpny 07-27-2007 06:02 PM

Check and see if the clearcoat on the parts can withstand UV rays without degrading. I know from boating that epoxy needs a UV resistant covering or it will degrade quickly. That's not saying you can't leave the CF look, buy you might need to get it clearcoated with automotive paint.
As for the hood pins, it sounds like you might be talking about the twist-lock pins that the 70-73 Mustang had, but I might be mistaken. There are a lot of options out there, I say pick one you like. They all perform the same function - holding the hood down.
As for installing it yourself, I say go for it. My understanding is it only takes time and patience. Where it gets tricky is when the part needs actually bodywork (sanding, filler, etc.).

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