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RCB2875 04-29-2018 01:04 AM

What is this plug on the intake?
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Just bought an 06' Mustang w/4.0 V6 for my wife that had sat up for about two years and a mouse or squirrel decided to make portions of wire it's chew toy.

I have pieced together the entire body wire harness in the driver wheel well but I can't find where these two wires go from a plug located on the passenger side of the intake manifold just behind the throttle body. I have no idea what it is for or where it goes so any help would be greatly appreciated!

08V6_Ponyboy 04-30-2018 10:40 AM

my '08 has the same plug. The wire comes off the connector, goes down past the thermostat housing and heads back on top of the engine block under the intake plenum. It might go to a temp or oil sensor? I cant see the end of it without removing the plenum, sorry. I wiggled the wire and can't see where it comes out of the back of the block, so it must end up under the plenum somewhere on top of the block. It is quite long, maybe the cut end is laying on top of the block and you can fish it out.
If you end up removing the plenum to find it, let me know where it goes, I'm curious.

RCB2875 04-30-2018 10:56 PM

It looks like it is going to be the plug for the knock sensor which is located under the intake plenum unfortunately. It's the only thing I could find that is in there and the wire is just long enough to reach. Looks like I will have to remove the plenum to fix it though since there is absolutely nothing left to splice into at the plenum.

Thanks for the help!

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