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cogipro 01-15-2012 11:03 AM

Boss 302 swap in 2005 V6 coupe
Before we get started here, I am aware of the following:
1) I'll never get my money out of it- but then again, 99% of cars lose value over time
2) yes, I could buy a 2013 Boss 302 but I
a) still like the 1st gen S197 body best
b) believe the Boss has too much decal and colored wheel business for my taste
c) think new boss's are just way pricey
d) am an old guy(54) and not quite ready for the whole LED thing in my car
So, I have grown more fond of my Black 2005 coupe and it red leather interior, especially after some mods of Borla cat back exhaust, CAI and 91 octane tune, '67 scoop hood and 19" x 9.5" chrome Avarus 3 wheels as well as a 2 DIMM head unit for Nav, blutooth, XM etc.

So... as much as I like it, I really want to put some guts in the thing in the next couple of years for the long haul. I can see driving this car for another 10 years or so after these power mods.

I'm thinking BOSS 302 crate engine at around 11k which will bring on a host of other changes. I am avoiding the supercharged options of the GT 500 crate or even the 5.0 sc crate engine due to the heat issues here in Oklahoma. (Forgot to mention this will still be my daily driver) Obviously, it will need the pcm etc and alternator kit for another 2k and will also need a steering fluid pump for another few hundred.
A new 6 speed manual will be needed. Should it be a Tremec 6060 or a 56 magnum?
It'll need a new rear end, so any thoughts on preferred hardware here?
Brakes will need an upgrade as I am thinking that going to the track now and then would be nice. Preferences here?
Any other concerns or considerations here?
I wonder about any changes to gauges, etc that might need to be considered.
I'll need some big time help with this project and may need to turn it over entirely to a shop capable of such a major project. Anyone know of a shop capable of this project in Tulsa, OK?
Keeping this under 19K is one of my goals here. It'll be fun to have the next time that Camaro pulls up ready to show off against a 210 HP V6 coupe.

2Manystangs 01-15-2012 11:36 AM'll need the ECU and all wiring harnesses from a V8, then you will need to completely replace and upgrade the fuel system and cooling, the suspension and braking will need major upgrades, you'll need a 6spd: then yes you need someone to build it and tune it...if someone can do that for $19K, I'd be amazed...if you've never built a car there is a never ending list of $400 mass air, injectors, throttle body, intakes, bearings, seals, and on and on and on

cogipro 01-15-2012 01:33 PM

Good info. From your experience, what would be a reasonable expectation of labor costs if I farmed out the whole project? I don't have any real handle on the # of man hours this would take.

Any thoughts on transmission and rear end?

BTW, this is not some fantasy post. I really am going to do this.

G.O. Stang 01-15-2012 02:24 PM

As far as I know, you can buy the wiring harness, PCM, and drive by wire in a kit somewhere. Forgot where though. It's like $1500 or so. As the post above said, you'll need to upgrade your fuel system and cooling system. For the rear end, you just need an 8.8 out of 05-09 gt so it'll bolt right up. As for the tranny, you'll have to find one from one of the new 5.0s. Just upgrade your brake to bigger ones. No need to spend a ton of money here. If it stops, it works right? You'll need some better springs for your suspension to hold the new weight. Not terribly expensive, but I'd recommend changing to some better control arms etc because of the new power, weight, etc. For cost, I'd say it could run an upwards of $25k or more. The amount of time it'll take, eh, if you had everything ready and knew what you were doing, a week. If you're kinda new to it all, anywhere from a month to a year. If your having a shop do the work, add another $5k+ to your costs.

2Manystangs 01-15-2012 02:28 PM

really it would be infinitely easier to sell the V6, buy a 05 GT and then do the swap, only the motor would need to be swapped saving a ton on other mods and money, not to mention the V8 in it could be sold for a decent price

Ohhitskb 01-15-2012 03:48 PM

You'll have to search around a bit, but there's an 80-something page thread over on where a guy swapped one into his 05-09 Mustang. It was pretty intricate, but I think he listed pretty much everything you'll need and had tons of pictures.

cogipro 01-15-2012 04:26 PM

Sounds good. I'll check out the S197forum. Thanks for the input from everyone.

We're Wolf 01-15-2012 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by cogipro (Post 2878679)
Sounds good. I'll check out the S197forum. Thanks for the input from everyone.

also on the same forum a guy swapped a 5.4L trition motor in a mustang

Ohhitskb 01-15-2012 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by We're Wolf (Post 2878969)
also on the same forum a guy swapped a 5.4L trition motor in a mustang

I think that was Kuro's swap. He also had a pretty good write-up with pics and a short parts list on there.

jeff33702 01-17-2012 09:16 AM

I'm still working on proving this, but you can build your own Boss 302 for a lot less than $11k. Check it out on my blog - - My 93 Coyote 5.0 Boss 302 Mustang Coupe build.

Also realize that you will have most of these same issues with an 05 as well - so pick whatever car you like.

The 2011+ Mustangs use electric power steering - so there is no provision for a stock power steering pump on the new Boss and Coyote engines. Putting them in an 05-10 is going to be just as challenging.

Ford Racing sells a harness/ECU kit, which will be required to swap a Boss into any car other than a 2011+. Custom tuning is still required though, as the calibration it comes with is for the stock coyote crate engine.

You don't need a 6-speed. The boss/coyote uses standard modular bellhousing layout. Now, do you want to put a 3650 behind a 400+ hp engine? Maybe not, but if that's what you have... I'm using a TKO 600 that I already had on mine.

No matter what you do - putting an engine into a car that didn't originally come with that engine, and doing it right, is expensive and a good amount of work.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

cogipro 01-20-2012 11:16 PM

Big time reality check
So I read the gazillion page swap over at the S197 forum. That was an eye opener. Then I went shopping, but not buying. The 3 vendors I priced were American Muscle, Sean Hyland and Late Model Restorations. Some of these items are not essential with regard to the performance brakes and some suspension items, but would be nice.

Boss 302 Crate Engine M50 BR 13000 LMR
Ford Racing Boss 302 Alternator Kit………………………….. 285 LMR
Ford Racing Control Pack (PCM, wiring etc.)………………….. 1439 LMR
Power Steering kit for 5.0……………………………………. 495 Hyland
A/C compressor……………………………………………………….. 425 Hyland
Billet Fuel Rails……………………………………………………….. 200 Hyland
EFI Fuel Pump…………………………………………………………. 249 Hyland
Ford Racing Aluminum Radiator (fits Mustang GT 2005+) 685 AM
Radiator Hoses. 100
Tremec t56 Magnum Transmission…………………………….. 3000…AP
Miscellaneous parts not listed unaccounted for. 1000

Wilwood Front Brakes Superlite 1950 AM
Wilwood Rear Brakes Superlite 1850 AM

Suspension/Ride Stabilization
Eibach Prosystem Plus 950 AM
Steeda Chromoloy lower and upper control arms 414 AM
Boss 302 Strut Tower Brace 180 AM
Steeda Bumpsteer Kit 170 AM
Steeda X5 Ball Joint Kit 160 AM
Miscellaneous not accounted for 500

Grand total $27052

So the grand total does not even include any labor charges. It looks like with a few cut backs, this could easily be trimmed to below $25000 by cutting back on brakes and suspension items as well as the transmission if I picked up a used tranny. I would do the brake and suspension work myself, but since I am not equipped in my cramped garage to do the powertrain swap, nor do I have the know how to do so, I suppose it would take a good 3-5k $ for the labor. Looks like just south of 30k is possible. Yikes!
So perhaps I'll think about (and save for) this a bit. Makes a new GT look pretty tempting. I wish Ford had not messed with the original S197 rear end.

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