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zealot11 07-27-2015 07:25 AM

Squeak in rear passenger suspension
Hi, so I have a chirp/clunk in my rear passenger side suspension that has been there since right after I bought the car new. I took it to ford and they couldn't hear anything so I dealt with it and here we are 12,000 miles later and I decided to do new shocks/struts and lowering springs. I went with the eibach shocks/struts and the SR performance lowering springs which is a mild drop. After lowering the chirp/clunk has become more pronounced and honestly sounds like the rear end is about to fall off. Does anybody know what I could look for? I know when you lower the car it becomes a stiffer ride so I believe it made that problem worse. Thanks for any input.

IceBlue 07-27-2015 10:39 AM

Is the squeak on the right or the left?
Does it squeak with an up and down motion and no bumps, or just certain sharp bumps?
Can you replicate the squeak by pushing down in the trunk area and bouncing the body?
Have you removed the spare tire and jack and is the squeak still there?
Do you have a Shaker box in the trunk?

Squeaks are usually a process of elimination.

I had separate squeaks in my rear passenger side area.

The first squeak was an up and down motion I could replicate by pushing down in the trunk area with the car stationary in my garage. I used silicone spray on everything I could find under the car. I lubed all the shock bushings, every piece of rubber or urethane bushing I could find, as well as the rubber mounts for the exhaust. The problem was solved. The up down suspension travel sounding squeak was gone.
I never did figure out exactly what made the noise, by lubing everything it went away.

But there was a second/third squeak which took me a year to find. I was sure it was the spare tire, but it wasn't. That squeak only happened on certain bumps.
I lubed every hinge I could find, on the trunk lid, the folding rear seat hinges, everything.

It turned out to eventually be the Shaker 500 box. I dismounted it, silicone sprayed the mounting bracket bolts and reinstalled. Part of the problem was solved in that the squeak changed pitched. Then I lubed the trunk seal and tightened the red plastic nuts that hold the speakers to the rear deck lid.

Finally, all was solved.

I think I burned through a can and a half of silicone lube spray before everything was done and had spent hours tracking everything down. And it took a year of persistence to get things right.

zealot11 07-27-2015 01:13 PM

It squeaks with up and down motion but not when pushing on the trunk. When I hit sharp bumps it's a really loud squeak. It's the passenger rear. I'll try removing the spare tire and everything in the trunk and see if that fixes it. Thanks for all the info man, I appreciate it. I figured ford won't do anything because of my aftermarket suspension

IceBlue 07-27-2015 02:18 PM

If you have the boom box in the trunk on the passenger side, check that.

Sound can travel oddly and sometimes the squeaks and rattles are not from where they seem initially.

John1 08-03-2015 03:11 PM

Mine does the same thing traveling down a bumpy road. Seems to be coming from the passenger rear. I'd like to know if there is a TSB on this and/or if anyone has figured out what the problem is and how to fix it. I really don't like taking my car to the dealer unless I do some homework and share the knowledge with them.

My car is a 2014 GT with the Track Pack, ~4,500 miles

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