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LastOwnedA77 06-19-2010 06:34 PM

FINALLY Delivery - and multiple Thumbs Up!
After ordering way back in January, I finally took delivery on June 17! So far two thumbs up from strangers - one from a BMW 3-series driver parked next to me (who stopped to ask about the car) and another from a chevy pickup driver I encountered in traffic today. I'm sure there will be many more to come - supposedly, my 2011 is the first delivered by the dealer I purchased from.

Two quick comments - the Sync system is flipping cool, well worth the price, and even though they are tuned for fuel sipping, the V6 has plenty of power if you really step on the gas - you just need to get it about 3K RPM to really feel it (I have an auto transmission). In short - nothing has disappointed!

Any anyone else with 2011s getting comments and waves from folks you encounter?

knk11stang 06-19-2010 06:50 PM

Have a Kona Blue 5.0 & i get looks & comments & waves all over the place.Have had a few walk up & ask about the car!I don't & won't race on the streets.So when prompted by someone i just get 2 the speed limit quickly & WOW her down.

Agree on the Sync it's pretty BAD ASS!

This is a GREAT car V6 or V8.LOVE THIS CAR!

ReTread 06-19-2010 06:56 PM

Congratulations on your new ride! Enjoy!

I'm envious, my GT is still on a train.

DizoAZ 06-19-2010 06:57 PM

Can't really tell through the rear-view mirror :winks

Slimpickenz 06-20-2010 03:47 AM

Congrats on your car. I'm looking forward to getting mine. Should be the end of July, even though it's already built. I keep hearing great things about the SYNC. I hope it's all that I'm envisioning.

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