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blowndeadline 06-28-2012 07:19 PM

Protect your lower valance from rocks!
So I purchased a BOSS/CS Front valance for the GT bumper I got off of Craigslist. Everything installed looking great, even got the fogs! Yay for me . . .
Well, not 2 weeks later I noticed a nice chunk out of the valance from a rock. It didn't crack it, just a nice gouge. So, needless to say I was kinda pissed, just spent $360 or so for the nice new valance now it's scarred for life.

So, started thinking, if they make a clear vinyl mask for pretty much every car why not a textured black vinyl to protect valances?? did some searching and I think I found something that works. The texture is pretty much a perfect match for the valance texture. The color is 99% perfect. Standing in front of the car you can't tell which part is protected and which is not. I have a couple photos so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I made patterns for the Boss/CS valance. It will cover the center portion, sides under the fog lights and the very corner of each side. I plan on making a patter for the stock GT valance as well as the V6, see if I can gauge some interest in protecting the Mustang front valances. I don't happen to have a Shelby laying around so might be hard to make a pattern for it. I do have a V6 bumper and valance, GT valance and Boss/CS valance so making patterns won't be too hard.

I tested the stuff on the V6 bumper. Had to first clean the area where the vinyl is applied with Goo-Gone, then Dawn dish soap to make sure absolutely nothing was going to hinder adhesion. So far so good! Testing it for a week or so on the valance on my car, see how it holds up. it's been 90+ degrees here for last few days and I do some 70 MPH+ highway driving everyday so I'll keep everyone posted!

Now for the pictures. Let me know what you guys think and if it would be something you may be interested in.

I need to tweak the pattern just a little but it's pretty much perfect and will fit the contour of the valance.


Alejandro5.0 06-29-2012 12:36 AM

In for results! I would like to try it

blowndeadline 06-29-2012 07:43 PM

so far I have the templates for the GT lower valance, Boss/CS lower valance and the V6 lower valance. So far so good. I power washed my front valance with the protectors on and they are still on. I'm going to wait a week or so, make sure they are still stuck in place before I can start making them for people that want them.
Also, I used some "Back to Black" on them, they blend in with the valance, most people don't even see them because the texture and color is perfect.
If anyone is interested, send me a PM. Still not sure on a price yet. Also need to write up some instructions as well as tips for putting them on and prepping the valance so they stick.

The Boss/CS valance will come with 6 pieces. The center area is divided into two parts, easier to apply them in two pieces. They will protect the outer lower edge, fog lights lower area and the center lower area on the Boss/CS valance.

The GT set will protect the outer lower valance, lower vent area as well as the vertical inside area of the vent area. There is also two pieces for the center area. 8 total pieces for the GT kit.

The V6 kit is much less, only 2 pieces that protect the areas along the front and side.

Let me know if anyone might be interested.

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