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Last year when I ordered my GT500 AB's I had the same issue. Box was pretty done in and the tip was coming through the cardboard--miraculously, nothing was scratched or dented.

Having said that, I am in the market for a new set of FRPP MGTLA's and concerned about the shape they are going to show up in.

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Glock got a free t-shirt, I think.

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Originally Posted by eclypse3demons View Post
Well not sure what I can say to your response other than maybe in the grand scheme of things sure if you sell 500 sets of Raxiom smoked headlights and out of that maybe 5 get returned ok, but I had two in a row do the exact same malfunction.

Sure AM sent me replacements, but you know how much work is involved with installing, uninstalling, and re-installing those 3 times? You have to take apart the entire front clip just to get them out. Let alone the time involved, possible fire that could have started, and for what, probably AM/Raxiom using bulbs that are higher rated than the actual socket it goes in.

I can positively say you guys do sell used parts, cause I have a box of them right here. If someone returns them because they didnt like them, or they did not clear their wheels or whatever and you get them back, then your RMA department takes a quick look and the person in that dept does not remove them from the bags just checks how many pieces came back then closes the box and puts it back in stock, then it gets sold to me, that makes it a used part. Especially in the condition all four covers where in.

A point I am getting at Dan is that yeah its all fine and dandy that AM has not hassled me on RMAs for garbage that I have received from your company and had to return. I find it ironic how many items I needed to return for defects, fit and finish and now if it was new or used that were all technically Turn 5 products.
That speaks volumes about QA issues. I would also like to point out that not for nothing but AM did not do anything more for me above and beyond considering the amount of my time and work I had to do making repairs, swapping parts, etc other than send me the replacement parts. I really think they should have thrown me a bone for all the headaches.

However it seems from the mediocre parts produced by Turn 5 why would I expect them to step it up right.
Originally Posted by eclypse3demons View Post
No just saying for all the added hours and headaches I had to deal with this and it was pretty extensive anyone who has ever installed these head lights or removed a scoop etc knows what I mean, its a huge amount of work for something that should have been right the first time.

They just did not go above and beyond for my troubles. Even just an e-mail from someone who matters like say a supervisor or someone higher than a dude in the forums would have meant more to me as a customer. Everything else just feels disingenuous. Hell even a phone call.
I completely understand your frustration. I can honestly say this is the worst customer experience I've seen in my 3 years with AmericanMuscle. We've never had this many returns with one customer, period!

This is completely unacceptable. I've notified my Customer Service manager who has already attempted to contact you (Left a Voice mail). I've also contacted my Warehouse Manager, who will be looking at our inventory of the parts you ordered to inspect for any problems. We'll also be working with our manufacturers to get these issues fixed right away!

I'm not 100% what happened with your Caliper Covers but I'm disgusted with the condition they showed up in! I'm going to hand pick a set of these and make sure they're perfect, I'll be sending you this kit at no cost. I'll also be crediting the cost of this item back to your account!

My CS Manager already has further compensations lined up for you and will be filing you in on all of that information as soon as we here back from you! We'll do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer and I assure you, from here on out you'll be in good hands.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need some further assistance from me. I'd be happy to help!


Dan Bailer | AmericanMuscle.com
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No Where Near eclypse's problems. But after waiting for many weeks for my JLT oil separator to finally come back in stock if finally came in today. And my first part from AM was the wrong part, not what I ordered. If I had a 1994 Cobra(I wish) this would fit perfect, but it won't go on my 2011. CS rep said my right part would be shipped tomorrow AM, but now I get to repackage, print labels, tape up, and drive to the UPS drop off. Just what I wanted to do with my evening... *Sigh*
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I had to send back 3 GT500 spoilers, even the one that was my Xmas present. AM WILL take care of you. They eventually sent an undamaged one hand picked and hand packaged by the CS manager, and they gave me some store credits. tbh it was well worth it for both of us, because without those credits I would not have gotten new gears.

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2 good points here is the AM is the best vendor I have dealt with, and that aftermarket parts will always have issues.

That's why the older I get the less I change on a car!

Anything that is heavy to ship like exhaust is a problem, mine came from CJ Pony poking thru also but o.k..

I can vouch that AM is on the up and up, best prices, ship fast, great customer service. Can't say ALL of that for any of there competitors.

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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
No offense, but you're having problems because you're buying cheap cosmetic parts and are expecting OEM quality fit and finish for 1/4th the cost. Not going to happen.
Deki, he just went over that exact same comment, scroll up the page a few posts. You're welcome eclypse, I got you...
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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
No offense, but you're having problems because you're buying cheap cosmetic parts and are expecting OEM quality fit and finish for 1/4th the cost. Not going to happen.
I think you are confusing aftmarket oem parts with just plain aftermarket parts. Also where are you getting the at 1/4 the cost from? Cause from where I am standing $350 scoop is not cheap or 1/4

I know if I get a fg hood that it may and will need adjustments and prep to jist fit somewhat normal. What I am expecting is headlights that do not go up in flames or a bar that should be symetrical and that is not exactly out of this world to expect just basic quality.

I know what I am getting. Its getting old having people tell me what I am expecting.

Oh well everyone knows everthing I guess.

Either way news on the AM front. They gave me the option to keep the covers and gave me a sizeablestore credit. As I stated Iin my post I never had an issue with thier customer service, having to use thier service so much is the problem. As far as AM and I we are kosher.
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Yeah I purchased the SHR chrome strut tower brace from them the finish was not the best!Not a huge deal breaker.Also at the same time bought the strut tower dress up kit.After installing the strut tower I installed the dress up kit bolts 25ft lbs.By the way no torque spec at all from AM.

The RF & LF dress up kit nuts to my horror tweaked my hood when it was closed!Immediately opened the hood & tried to tighten the bolts a little further to no avail still hitting the hood pad & tweaking the hood!FREAKING HOLES IN MY HOOD PAD NOW!The dress up kit nuts are in my opinion very poor quality & too long to use in conjunction with the brace I purchased.When I removed the nuts (this is how I solved my tweaking hood problem) inspecting the bottom side of the nut reveals damage & what I would call smashing of the nut!

Thought to myself I'll just trim the 2 nuts & make them fit!Then thought they are poor quality & not worth the hassle to even bother trying to trim them!

Had to install the original factory nuts & now the look is lets say incomplete.Just about had it with after market parts myself!!!!

OP Glad they took care of you!

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Originally Posted by eclypse3demons View Post
Here is a list of items I have had to return or get replaced.

Mustang OE hood scoop. I had this replaced 3 times, none of them after being bolted, and taped down would lay flat on my stock hood, especially the rear corners, always kept trying to not follow the cowl's arch, to they kept trying to be perfectly strait and of course would pull the 3M VHB tape off the hood, even the last one which is just sitting on my hood in my basement looking like ****.
For that part... its because they sell a "copy" of the Ford scoop... if you check carefully... the AM one (or any other copies) have only 4 bolts + tapes..

If you compare it with the OEM Ford (check on parts website you will see it) you will notice that the ford one have the same 4 bolts.. but 4 more plastic snap in the corners (thats also mean 4 more holes in the hood)... but without these... the corner will not sit right on the hood and always loose contact with it...

For AM i ordered 2 times there without problems but that was "mechanical" parts.

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Ordered a set of Raxiom Smoked tail lights about a year and a half ago. Started having an issue with them and called AM and went through the whole process of taking pictures and confirming the malfunction. Which is no big deal and I don't blame AM for that. But when they shipped me the replacement, they were scuffed (like drug on the cement kinda scuffed!) and packaged terribly! Which I think was a Used product they sent me. They sent another set out and they were perfect. So yes AM needs to make sure their guys don't send customers used products. Only issue I've had with them tho.
You win some you lose some. AM is great though! Great customer service. Top notch in my book

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I really like AM but recently I have dealt with a couple reps that you ask questions to and they are completely confused. Basic tire questions shouldnt throw anyone for a loop

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Originally Posted by From2.0to5.0 View Post
American muscle may also want to start opening the exhausts they ship out and pack more filler in the boxes. The pair of axle backs I ordered came extremely scuffed with one tip sticking through the box.
Odd... My axle-backs came in a dent-free box with bubble wrap around each tip! Maybe they've stepped it up a notch?

Also, dented boxes are from your driver (most of the time). At our shop, all kinds of boxes are dented and they're from different vendors. It just depends on the courier I guess.
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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
They need to quit shipping UPS. Ive never had a completely undamaged package arrive UPS. They are absolute garbage
Couldn't agree more. At least they could offer an alternative carrier.

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I've never really had any problems with bad parts arriving. As with others, any customer service issues I've had have been dealt with superbly. My peeve is how long it takes for out of stock parts to be replenished. I've been waiting over 2 months now for a replacement wheel (that I damaged).

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