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Surfer 09-24-2013 04:41 PM

Best sounding exhaust?
What axle-back system is best for my '14GT? Not obnoxiously loud or droney but something with some rumble especially when you get on it.
Youtube videos don't really do a good job of differentiating the various options.
Any suggestions?

RogsBlkStang 09-24-2013 04:45 PM

Borla S Types my friend. No drone nice and loud when you get on it. I have an OR H and resonators removed and it is very loud but that's what I wanted. Sounds like a race car when you get on it. PM me and I will send you a text with what mine sounds like. I also had the GT500s and they just weren't loud enough for my taste.

Guygettnby 09-24-2013 05:08 PM

My suggestion is go to the race track or meets in your local area! Me hearing a few different exhausts in person made a huge impact on what I ended up buying. What one person likes you may not, so it is impossible to answer that question.

With that said, gt500, roush and borlas seem to be the most popular. I ended up not picking any of them after hearing some in person. I ended up buying a set of bassani axel backs. Very happy with them, can use my blue tooth with the windows up and have no drone. But when I stomp on it they sound nice.

Surfer 09-24-2013 05:16 PM

Thanks for the responses guys.
Maybe lurking around those meetups is a good way to make my decision.
Any suggestions on meetup groups and where to find good ones?
I'm sure there are many.....

5.0PhilGT 09-24-2013 05:28 PM

Surfer - not trying to be rude so please do not take it that way. There are hundreds of exhaust threads on this site that address your question. A search will yield a plethora of discussion and information on this.

The most popular axlebacks amongst members (no particular order) will be Borla S-Type, GT500's, Roush, with some Corsa, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow sprinkled in.

mlud00 09-24-2013 05:43 PM

I don't know anything about the V8s, being a V6 owner, but please heed my advice. Find a car, in person, and if at all possible, ride in it. What sounds great from the outside may give you a headache sitting inside. I know the V6 sets up different resonance harmonics, but if there is anything like that in the V8, you'll be sorry.

nsadams87xx 09-24-2013 06:34 PM

Best sounding is subjective. I hate the sound of Magnaflow Streets but loved the Competitions. I hate Flowmaster American Thunders but love Stainless Work's RetroChamber. I think GT500's are weak sauce but some think it's perfect and that's perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with an opinion.

TheDarkKnight 09-24-2013 08:27 PM

I don't have a GT, but I have only hear from the ones in my neighborhood back home. They all have Roush axle-backs. They sound amazing :D.

Dalpilot 09-24-2013 10:34 PM

The Roush I heard was raspy. I had Magnaflows on my 08 and it droned like crazy. I went with GT 500's and they are quieter than I expected but have a great sound. When I put the CAI on it made it much louder and sounds great. Stock sounding at cruise but a great rumble when you get on it. I plan on long tubes and an x pipe soon so starting more conservative was the right move, imho.

randeez11 09-24-2013 10:41 PM

Ive talked about this before . I have Corsa Extremes on my GT. There is absolutely NO drone, which is important to me. They idle a little deeper than stock. At cruising speeds you know they are there with a nice deep Muscle Car rumble. At full throttle, they really come into their own. Then they are loud and very definitive.
I was out to a cruise night this evening and after I maneuvered the car into a parking space a guy came up to me and told me " that is one mean sounding Mustang " Not cheap. But you get what you pay for.

jbt56 09-24-2013 10:42 PM

There's no such thing as 'best'. You just need to pick one and put it on your car. Chances are you'll like it, but if not, chalk it up to learning and try another.
Asking this question is like asking what color car you should buy, or what shoes fit your feet best.

OkieHick 09-24-2013 11:29 PM

This is a totally personal choice. My oldest son has Flowmasters and thinks they are the coolest ever. I think they're awful and would stop driving if mine sounded like his. Each to his own!!

randeez11 09-25-2013 12:22 AM

How true. "best" is like saying "fastest" It will never happen. Just be satisfied.

nsadams87xx 09-25-2013 09:30 AM

My perfect exhaust: long tube headers, SW RetroChambered catback but at Borla ATAK sound levels. Not going to happen but it's close enough.

xcakez72 09-25-2013 05:01 PM

no love for bassani street race axle backs in here I have them I think they sound great! get compliments all the time only has a little bit of drone around 1800 ish rpms going up hills but that's because im catless with no resonaters

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