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2013 GT Crash - Totalled?

Hi. First post on the board, but I've been a visitor off and on over the last year or so.

Lost control of my '13 GT on the freeway on the way to lunch last week - thankfully no other vehicles involved and no injury to me. But did slide into a concrete wall going 40-60 mph, so my stang is not doing well.

I'm thinking it's totalled, but it will be a few days before my shop and the insurance adjuster get their work done. Which would definitely be my preference, can't imagine it will ever be the same again - especially a convertible.

Any advice on what to be on the lookout for when reviewing estimates / repair scope if it comes back not totalled?

Pictures aren't great, cell phone pics in poor light. Damages all to passenger side, rear axle sheared, front suspension blew apart (a piece shot through the hood), and of course scrapes / damages from front bumper to rear of car. Airbags did not go off. Car is propped up on blocks with the passenger side wheels pushed back in place in some of the pics...

Thanks - Dan

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From what I can see (& I`m certainly no expert) I`m guessing they`ll try to fix it. Unless there`s some major unibody damage they fix rather than total. Glad you were not hurt.

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Glad your ok OP.

I cant tell without getting underneath but just from looking at the cellphone pics I don't think its totaled. As bad as all of that sheet metal damage looks, the car looks remarkably straight from front to rear for that kind of hit.

Yeah your are going to have to have some serious suspension/axle work done (obviously), new wheels, all the sheetmetal (etc).

Just out of curiosity, how much trouble did you have opening the drivers door when you got out after the wreck, and how hard was it to shut again?

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Wow, glad you're OK. Chock up another Mustang accident.

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Does not look totaled to me. Its a 13 so the value is still pretty high. Sucks for you. The car fax is going to be lit up when you go to get rid of it.
Just make sure you get a reputable body shop to repair it. The I'll save you thousands guy will give you back half the car you had.

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Glad you are ok too. Very sorry to hear about your car.
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As others said, glad your okay! It's hard to say without looking underneath but it looks fixable. As you mentioned, the airbags didn't go off so it should be salvageable. It depends if the frame is bent.

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Thanks - yeah feel lucky if not living a charmed life to not be hurt after going practically sideways down the freeway.

I suppose it's too early to really ask an opinion esp. with my bad photos. It is supposed to go on the rack tomorrow so they can check out the unibody - which is probably where the $$$ come down to if damaged. It did slam pretty hard against a concrete wall offset (ie front of car hit first) - so I would think it is at least tweaked.

As far as the drivers door, opened & closed with no issues. I was a bit out of it, so didn't really check the car out that much, but I do recall the trunk lid / drivers quarter panel gaps looking way out of whack, but that could prob be explained by one side of the car on a wheel, the other side on the ground at the time.

I'm really surprised the airbags didn't go off - but it was uninjured without them so maybe the computers are pretty smart after all. Does that seem right to you guys?

Also, does advance trac engage at that speed? The few times I've broken the rear loose in the past, traction control immediately scrubbed everything down - but I don't remember any sense of computers trying to take over... but it happened pretty fast.

I'll keep you guys posted with what they say, usually these insurance things are an ordeal.
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I'm guessing around $15K to fix 'er up. So probably not a total given it's a 2013. Make sure OE factory parts are used and not cheap imports. A good body shop can fix that good as new. The trick is finding that "good" body shop.
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Does she still start up?? Hopefully the piece of suspension that shot up to through your hood didn't knick any kind of wiring harness or do any damage to your motor.
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I wonder what the outdoor temperature was at the time of this accident ?
Also, was it raining or road surface at all wet ?

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Eagle F1 Supercar tires feature a high grip Goodyear AAtrax tread compound (the AAtrax name emphasizing that the Eagle F1 Supercar earns the highest "AA" Uniform Tire Quality Grade wet traction rating) molded into a slightly reduced tread depth (just 6/32" to 7/32" of new tread depth on Ford GT tires and 8/32" for Corvette tires) asymmetric tread design that combines large outer shoulder and intermediate tread blocks to increase initial steering response and cornering stability with a solid center rib to maintain constant road contact and enhance straight-line tracking. Wide circumferential grooves and smaller interior tread and shoulder blocks help water escape from between the tire and the road to maintain wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. The tire's structure includes twin, high-tensile steel belts reinforced with spirally wound Aramid to distribute the vehicle’s load across the tire’s footprint providing high-speed durability and uniform ride qualities. Polyester body plies enhance high temperature and high-speed durability while exterior sidewall rim flange protectors help guard wheels against curb damage."

Certain sorry this incident happened. You can't go back.
I'd say, having lived in Seattle, the above tire (despite it's claim that it can work in rain) might work in Seattle for about one week of the year...maybe middle of August.
Seattle is definitely a rain tire city, and if one wants to go east from there in winter....four snow tires required.
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Wow, glad you are ok. Sorry about the ride. We're you reaching for something or changed lanes while going too fast and fish tailed? Just asking cause it seems kinda difficult to loose control at 40 mph.
As long as you were insured you'll be good to go. Good luck on the damage estimate.
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That's tough man, not a fun day. Been there once myself.

I bet they'll fix it. I've seen plenty worse go through shops. When the last model Saab 9-3 came out, a friend of me got t-boned in the side of his trunk by a truck only about two months after buying it. Everyone was sure this thing was totaled. Whole trunk basically destroyed, left rear wheel missing etc, backglass gone, door glass gone Noooope. Insurance company wrote it for $12k and had it fixed. It was a $35k car with only 6,000 miles on it. He's still got it 5-6 yrs later....

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aggieGT: Didn't try and restart, car missing wheels and I obv wasn't going anywhere... good point tho to check out.

Stevegt: You're pretty close, a $20K verbal from the shop since I posted. And you are right a good shop is key. This one is, he's a mustang guy and said his price is all new OEM parts (need to see the actual papers to verify but...). He repaired a classic car for me about four years ago so I've had some experience with them.

s197gt: Wow, tires have instructions??? Duh. You are right, I am probably guilty on the tires. Weather/roads were dry and clear, 1pm in the afternoon, but did have fairly cold temps last week in Seattle... I would guess it was 30 degrees? I'll be the first to admit I'm new to performance tires, so I should probably have been running something else for the wet climate here... but until now, it has actually done pretty good in the rain.

Californicajun: My guess is I was going 60 when I lost it. I had just finally gotten around a bottleneck of traffic, and was accelerating pretty good in 3rd gear in the right lane, which was my exit in about a mile. Then it just started fishtailing. I'm assuming 10-20mph was scrubbed off by the time I hit. I know I backed off the gas and tried to correct it, but was up on the wall pretty fast. I might be guilty of hitting the brakes even though I know better, not really sure. Again did not sense advance trac doing anything.

Yeah, I bet they are going to try and fix it. I trust this guy to do it right if that has to happen. It's just too new, plus I think it has almost all the options except brembo and a couple minor things- so the price is pretty high. Unless there is unibody damage.
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I had a "moment" the other morning on the way home from work. I got stuck behind a "blue hair" for like 5 stoplights (left lane hogging the whole way).

We were leaving the last stoplight before the last wide open 3-4 miles that were left before my neighborhood and I was getting TORCHED by a fully loaded semi in the right lane (that's how slow this old lady was accelerating).

Well I was faced with either a) being stuck behind her at 10 under the limit or B) hitting a "take it right NOW or not at all" hole in the right lane to get around her.

Needless to say I took the hole. I was at 35 mph and 3rd gear and I was at 3/4 throttle and went for it. Back end broke loose (completely surprised me as the road was dry and all nanny's are on) I caught it just before the right rear left the road <phew>passed her but I needed to quickly get back in the left lane so as not to eat the back end of the aformentioned semi (completed without issue). I never got over the speed limit of 55 during that whole process and I was in a weak gear for the speed I was travelling. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had been in second.

Stock P-Nero Zero All seasons here, temps were pretty cool but not freezing, road as dry as the Sahara desert.

I guess the moral of my long winded post is that these cars need to be respected because just when you think you have it all covered they can bite you.

And to those who are thinking that I am attacking or making fun of the OP I am not. We have all done what he did, got on it a little when the traffic has cleared up because we are about to get into a known traffic situation a little farther down the so it is our last chance to have a little fun before we get there. If not, then we have bought the wrong car.

I am trying to forestall the "if you knew how to drive" or "I wouldn't have done that" comments before they even get fired up........

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