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Sorry, but I will not trust any mail tune unless im in a pinch and than i would not get on it until I have put it on a dyno to see what is going on. There is not sub for a quility custom dyno tune. It may cost a bit more but it's well worth it. every car will run differant and respond differant to mods just like every mustang from the factory varries in HP. Nothing against Brenspeed or Bama tune, I had a Bama Tune and it was good and nothing happend to my car but the first time i had a chance to get a good custom tune on a dyno I took it. Plus Most shops will give you a discount on the dyno tune if you buy the tuner from them. For example Stang Hi in Baton Rouge will knock $100 of the dyno tune. If any of you are in the area look them up.

V3 vortech (11lb boost) SSW longtube headers, 4:10 and awsome tune from Stang Hi performance (Baton Rouge LA).
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