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Toyota Conquest program

I went to the dealer last night to see if we could make a deal on the terms I listed above since they do have stock of V6 2011 Stangs. I wanted a silver, but after staring at the grey color for over an hour I am on the fence now between them. I have always liked black but live off of a dirt road so it has been best to go with silver.

The $750 "Private Cash" is for Toyota Conquest program since I currently lease a Lexus. The 0% is for 36 months. They say the $1000 does not apply to the 2011 although I do not read it that way. They entered my invitation # and the $750 is all that showed, which I saw myself. I have requested they follow up with promo headquarters and get an explanation since what I am reading is that the promos apply to 2010/11 which means 2010 &/OR 2011. Misleading if it does not indeed apply.

The additional bad news is that they say when they quoted me the $22,900 that was an estimate and the best they could do was sell it to me for invoice which is $23,485

Good news is that I also meet the criteria for the $500 recent grad program. Also, everyone gets $500 Cash Back now.

Total discounts as it stands $750 + 500 + 500 = $1750. The extra $500 in Cash Back would be ideal but I guess I should be happy? Then again the price is about $500 more than quoted!?!?!?

Here is a scan of the mailer I got
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