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I closed the deal on the V6 base with 101A package last night. $23,345 minus rebates, plus 6 oil changes/tire rotations and 0% for 3 years. They tried to throw in the $595 Dealer fee at the finance table and I made it clear we had agreed to the $23,345 - rebates + TTT. They dropped the dealer fee and we closed the deal. I got the $500 cash back, $500 College grad and $750 Toyota Conquest rebates as mentioned for a total price of $21,595. My lease is not up until the end of the month and I am not looking to pay the additional insurance until I have to so I probably will not pick it up for a week or two.

By the way I found it to have some get up and go, but it is not chirping the tires from a stand still when mashing the gas and not braking. It is fine with me since I plan on giving it to my son as a first car in 18 months if he gets a scholarship.
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