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I ordered on 02/28/10, was built on Apr. 13 ... had an ETA of Apr. 29...still no car ... dealer called CS today and found out it is being held in Michigan because there are still too many 2010s on the lots....knowing it's been built and sitting there for a month is making me pretty mad....not impressed.
I feel your pain ordered mine 2-12 built 4-8 1st ETA 4-19 2nd ETA 4-26 3rd ETA oh who the hell knows!

CS is of no help at all don't bother to waste your time.The latest date I got when I called CS on 5-13 was 4-19 yeah it went backwards.THEY ARE WORTHLESS!!

I'm about 500 miles from the AAI lot & I know there are 5.0's in Colorado,Florida,Texas.What on earth is going on?

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