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Question 05 GT Diablosport Predator Tuning Issues

Okay, this is getting a little insane. A few years ago, I purchased a Diablosport Predator tuner. Before I go any further, please do not insert "you should have gotten an SCT" jokes. If I knew then what I know now, I would have.... but I didn't. Diablosport seemed to be very reputable and had the options I needed at the time. But it seems that I am pretty much stuck with a $379 handheld hunk of plastic.
Now, I want to have my longtubes and Hpipe installed, but want to have the tune done first, so that I can get the most out of the mod and not have engine codes, etc. The problem is that I cannot find ANYONE to tune the Diablosport. Bamachips used to, but now that they are with AM, they don't.... Brenspeed doesn't mess with them either.
Can anyone recommend a good tuner that can write a custom tune for a lightly modded car (gears, CAI, LT, Hpipe) using the Diablosport Predator? I want to get away from the canned tune. It was nice at first, but after hearing how well other member's cars run, I want more.
I welcome any and all suggestions, but please do not turn this into a "Thinblueline bashing session" because of the brand that I chose.

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