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@ ChaosFury - I believe the plan is to re-release the grabber colors, one at a time over the next few years. The grabber colors started in 1970 and ran until the early 70's. There were the following:

Grabber Yellow - My first car was a 1971 Mach1 in this shade
Grabber Orange
Grabber Blue
Grabber Green - My favorite
Grabber Lime - absolutely horrible in my opinion

Grabber Green would be awesome. Saleen was supposed to release some grabber green H302's back in 2008 but it never happened.

I had a Grabber Orange 2008 GT/CS and I loved the color and the car however when another car did some minor fender damage the local Ford dealer had an incredibly hard time blending and matching the paint. They ended up painting half of the car. Those colors are a %^$&%$ to match.

That's my .02 worth.
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