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Shaker 500 speakers

I replaced the 5x7 stock with alpine type s 5 x 7's. I recently replaced the factory woofers with polk audio db840's (svc subs) powered by an alpine mrp-500, I have two tc710 subs in the trunk powered by an mtx8001 and my alpine 5x7's are powered by an mtx4004 - Your problem is not going to be in the speaker swap, but the headunit. The Shaker 500 headunit sux - plain and simple, I installed temporariliy an aftermarket headunit just to see if the car would sound better - it sounds amazing with an aftermarket unit all the levels are right on and you can adjust accordingly. Currently I'm using a ReQ from MTX to try to fix the levels but even that is not working very well. All I can say is rip that headunit out as fast as you can. I never had my 2010 5 days and I had two blown door speakers... LOL They truely suck...

Enjoy modding but expect a LONG project as audio wise this car is a total b!tch to work on...


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