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Originally Posted by RazgrizFX9 View Post
However, doing this mod will certainly void the engine portion of the extended warranty I have on my car. Should I be worried about any excessive stress caused by the cams and headers on my engine or trans? The only other mods I have is CAI, SLP loudmouths, and a Bamachips tune.
If you are worried about your Warranty, too late....atleast according to my Ford Dealer where I bought my 2008 anyway....when I first got the car, I inquired about adding a CAI and Mufflers to the car and how that would effect the 7 year, 77,000 Mile ($1500) extended warranty I had purchased and I was told that adding the cold air intake on my car as well as my Flowmaster 40 series mufflers that I wanted would instantly void my warranty....which I feel is some serious BS. sooo, I took that info into consideration...and did it anyway lol...and i guess if my warranty is voided, i have no reason to hold back on any other mods I want now like the SCT Tune I just put on my car from BAMA or like my 4.10 gears I'll be having installed in the next few weeks lol....and I have to say, the Computer tune on your car, the instant you downloaded it, also voided your warranty (but that one can be fixed by changing it back to stock before any dealer work)...goodluck!
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