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Originally Posted by holloway2006 View Post
I'd like to remind everyone that you can call Ford Customer Service during normal business hours to get a status update. With the sudden influx of VIN's to check, I have a feeling JonnyB could spend his entire weekend trying to catch up. I do appreciate what you're doing though Jonny!
Not so, friend.

In fact, Ford CS (as of sometime early this week) no longer has much info at all and refer customers to their dealers. ESPECIALLY if you car HAS BEEN PRODUCED. If you're still in the order/build phase they might be a little more helpful but once it leaves the factory, fuggedaboutit.

Jonny has been amazing about checking VINs but if I were "him" I would say, "If your VIN is before 120xxx", call Ford CS... they'll have it. Most of those VINs are still in production or just recently built. Ford deserves A LITTLE time to get them QA'd and out.

Mine was built on 5/6 and is still sitting in Flat Rock and while I feel like they're taking their time, I know there are thousands of other Mustangs before mine not yet shipped. My VIN is 116xxx.
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