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Originally Posted by Ace_High View Post
JonnyB, I still can't believe you are able to do this for everyone. It must be a huge drain on your time. We all really appreciate this!

For all of us waiting for our new baby, lets try to give JonnyB a break and limit the number of updates you request. Lets not kill him.
AMEN! If you placed your order after 5/1, you shouldn't even be asking at this point. Ford CS can probably help you just fine.

A lot of these inquries (including mine) are based on the cars already being produced and just getting "awaiting shipment, at ramp 51" from everyone in the Ford food chain.

Please, if your car hasn't even been scheduled for build, don't overload him. How do you know? Check your window sticker in the top margin. Look for the "1201005xx" date. Drop the leading one and that's your build date in the YYYYMMDD format.

Don't have a window sticker yet? Keep refreshing the page that has them at:

And ADD YOUR VIN after the = sign.

Wait about a week after it's been built before you ask.

Jonny, we're all very grateful for your help.
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