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13 weeks later, my car has arrived !!

Well my car FINALLY came in !!

Got an e-mail from my dealer this morning saying it came in last night after hours ... however I was not home to read the e-mail as I was with my son helping set up the gym at his school for a program this evening. So on the way home (about 10:30AM), I decided just to "drop by" my dealer as he never replied to my e-mail Friday morning checking if the "Conveyance Mechanical Failure" status had changed yet (come to find out he was gone all day).

So I'm walking in to the owners office and one of the other salesman says "you've got a on your face" ... and I said well no point in being upset, just figured I'd drop by to see if there is any new news. The owners says, didn't you get my e-mail at 9:00 this morning saying it's HERE ... figured you'd be here about 15 min later ... what took you so long ??

So she's still on the rack ... inspection is done but no one is there to detail it ... I can have it TODAY "as is" (3-4 weeks of dust from AAI lot & transport and basically as it rolled off the truck) or I can wait till Monday.

Heck yeah, I went back at noon to do all the paperwork and took her home filthy and un-prepped !!

After we got back from the high school concert at 10PM last night, I took it out for a real test drive. Drove 20 miles or so all over my hometown and the country roads around it. After 16 years and 350k miles of driving SN-95's this is a whole new experience ... it's just too damn quiet, going from an '04 to this is as drastic as going from my '69 to the '04 in the same day. Course now I'll be jumping between the '69 & this which is almost as drastic as switching between a model T to a '69 !!

This thing needs the GT engine sound tube as well as one from the Rear diff & Trans ... I miss my 04's gear whine and tranny noises & feel coming up thru the direct mounted B&M shifter !! If you made it so you can turn the sounds on & off ... like when you want the SYNC to work properly.

Ran her hard a few times from a dead stop ... did not hit redline, but got a healthy bark out of 2nd a couple of times. Get it up into the sweet spot and it pulls real hard and next thing your doin' 70. Man that 6th gear is steep with the 2.73's, got in it a couple of times and was similar doggy as my '04 when you get close to 1000 RPM's. So if I want to hypermile in traffic at 1000 RPM, it will do it too.

Also rigged up the front plate bracket to mount to the lower honeycomb grill. Used some rubber oil cooler mounting blocks as spacers (cut on an angle at the grill to straighten bracket), 2) 4" long drywall screws with big head washers (at the bracket) that screw into a 1.5" wide strip of plywood behind the grill. Took about a half hour, I'll probably swap the dw screws and plywood for S.S. 10-32 screws and a strip of S.S. behind the grill later, but this works for now.

Plate bracket is actually upside down compared to how it would have mounted to the bumper.


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