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Reason why i voted Brenspeed:

I ran Bamachip's tunes for nearly 3 years on my car, I just recently switched to Brenspeed out of curiosity, I went from Doug’s 91 Race tune to Brenspeed's 87 performance tune, and I felt like there was a significant power increase throughout the power band. Best i can explain it is, the Bamachips tune gave me the feeling of a lot of power in the mid rpms, but Brenspeed's tune actually kept pulling and gave me that smile at 6200 rpms.

I'm sure results could vary depending on your particular car, but it feels like my car is faster with a 87 performance tune vs. the 91 bamachips race tune.... unfortunately my xcal2 broke the day I got my tunes so I am unable to try out there 91 performance, but I could only image the way there 87 performance tune is. X3 is on the way from Brenspeed.

Only thing i miss was the way Doug had that auto tranny setup... Nothing beats his Race tune when you have a auto... but i felt like the power increase, and smile at 2-3 shift when it churps the tires on heavy 20" rims in 75 degree weather was more important for now.

I don’t think anyone should vote on these types of things unless they have used both to give the other a fair chance. Both great tuners, but right now I’m loving Brenspeed’s tunes. +1 for them.

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