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Just heard back from JohnnyB and mine was shipped offsite to Autoport International 2 days ago with no movement since. A day before it was scheduled to be loaded onto a rail -- what gives. There goes the weekend :>(

I see several of us have been shipped offsite. Are they running out of room at Area 51 or something? Perhaps the plant workers are using our rides over the long weekend as loaners.

Keeping the bad news coming, I called Ford C/S again today about extending the offers set to expire on 6/1 and it appears they're going to let the fat 0.0%/36 month financing expire on 6/1. So if you don't take delivery by then, you're screwed! It takes a lot for me to get miffed but I'm approaching seriously P-Oed :<( :<( Anyone know what the cash back and financing offers will be post-6/1? C/S couldn't tell me.

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