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Originally Posted by nsthesa View Post
Thanks...did yours go to that specific site?
I have NO idea where it went. Just said "shipped off site". Then it said, "returned from off site". Then it went into "Awaiting shipment" . . . 8 days ago. After it sat in "Awaiting shipment" for days before it went off site. Waiting "5 days" for Ford CS to get back to me.

I'm close to canceling my order and just waiting to see what dealers get on their lots between now and when my $750 coupon runs out. I told my salesman that Memorial Day weekend was when I wanted it. He said, "oh, that's no problem." That was on 4/3. Well, here we are and no car.

I'd rather have it right than broken but I'd rather have it.

In the mean time, I'll offer a salute to all fellow veterans and active service members. Thank you for your service and sacrifice (yours and that of your family.)
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