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Originally Posted by fox_granit View Post
This is getting nuts. Why is Ford doing this? I know I said this in another thread but its appropriate here. If it’s a production problem, then tell us about it……you’ll be rewarded by showing some character, instead of being like Toyota and hiding it. If you’re holding them to change interest rates, then it’s a sinister policy and that will piss off customers. If you don’t tell us, it’s making your customers second guess the car and its quality, and we as enthusiasts are worried about it. That WILL turn potential customers away. My dad was a GM dealer, in the legion of leaders for over 20 years, and was a Ford Lincoln Mercury GM for 15 years as well. He and I both agree, this is doing NOTHING for your reputation……….

I've tried to get in touch with Auto Alliance International, who hasn't cleared the cars to be released yet, and the plant is closed today. Yeah I understand about being closed on MONDAY but today? oye...
4 day work week at AAI. Three next week because of the holiday.
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