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Originally Posted by fox_granit View Post
@CorvetteDreamin what are they thinking though about not telling us anything? thats my deal. Anyone in customer service knows that bad news is better than no news.
Here's my theory. . . there isn't enough public "outrage" (like the BP fiasco in the gulf) and it's simply a manufacturing problem not unlike they've experienced before. So there are middle managers at the factory simply reporting "several minor quality holds" back to corporate executives. Nothing pervasive or recall worthy per se. Just routine stuff that happens with new model designs. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news and the executives aren't looking at "cars delivered" as a statistic but rather "cars produced". So time passes and the line continues to produce cars and the numbers back to corporate continue to look good.

At some point, someone up top will notice there are THOUSANDS of Mustangs produced but not shipped. And they'll run out of space, creating a NEW issue which can be blamed on the shipper not having capacity. Manufacturing delays can be blamed on suppliers. Remember, they don't actually BUILD anything -- they ASSEMBLE it. There are hundreds of parts from many suppliers. So the "holds" have been reported as follows:

1. Volcanic eruption stopping parts (PCM) from supplier in Europe (plausible)
2. A-pillar trim from supplier (plausible but not very excusable)
3. Fuel delivery "chip" (not likely)
4. Commodity holds (tires, GT500 engines, 19" polished wheels, etc.) (plausible)
5. Engine "tick" caused by manual transmission (not very plausible)
6. Lack of availability of 18" Pirellis. (not very plausible)
7. Other random conspiracy theories (dubious plausibility)

Add to this that one owner who has his car reports that the Mustang chief engineer (Dave Pericak) declared "there are no holds on the Mustang" even after several sources confirmed and the lack of delivery supported it.

There is definitely a disconnect, whether overt or through ineptitude, incompetence, or a shear lack of information. Ford CS is most likely being kept out of the loop in order to prevent "mass hysteria" and the press getting hold of the real issues while Ford and AAI quietly work on the fixes. They went from being very helpful and forthcoming with information to having that information either taken away or told not to share it and offer the party line, "Your dealer is the best person to contact regarding that information." And when you call the dealer their response is usually, "Ford isn't telling us anything." Escalate to a "regional rep" and they tend to make things up or state the obvious: "There's a hold but we don't know why." (That can be inferred from the lack of cars being shipped, thanks.)

So in the end, Ford and AAI are doing THEIR thing and the customers and dealers are left with "Deal with it." And no, this is not the way to treat people spending $25-$50k on an automobile. But consider for a moment if there ARE quality issues or what I'll term "interface" issues with a supplier. Supplier A builds a part to Ford's specs and Ford builds a part to the interfacing specs and somewhere along the way someone forgets to update the supplier with some changes. The supplier produces hundreds or thousands of incompatible components. Ford then has to determine what, if any, impact that will have. What legal ramifications will they experience (contract issues, customer issues, government issues, etc.) Just go back to Toyota and CTS with the gas pedal fiasco if you need an example.

Sorry for the long-winded diatribe. I'm trying to look at this from all angles but still just end up frustrated that I ordered a car and it's been sitting for nearly a month after production and no one can tell me why or when I'll get it.
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