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First car was a 92 Taurus. It sucked.

Next was a 96 Jetta. The "girl's car."

The two cars above I drove because that's what my parents got me. Both were purchased for dirt cheap since my mom got them from friends.

I had a 94 V6 Camaro that my friends would refer to as the "Batmobile" due to the length of the car.

My 07 Focus was occasionally called "Whippy" because the license plate ended in "WPY," and you could whip that thing around corners quickly. Or maybe it was because it was the first stick shift car I drove and my friends were getting whiplash? :nogrinner ..Nah, I wasn't THAT bad...

... I hope...

My 07 Mustang V6 currently doesn't have an official nickname yet. Just referred to as the 'Stang. I joke that it's a one wheel wonder due to the open differential (will be fixed soon). Because I love this car so much I do want to give it a name, but haven't decided on one yet. Maybe Delilah, since one of the meanings is night, and it's black. Also I guess it kinda fits since Delilah from the Bible was a seductress, this car seduced me into buying it when I was passing by the dealer on my way to a friends house last 4th of July.

2007 Mustang V6 "Delilah"

Mods: Pypes axle-back, JLT CAI, AM 91 Race tune, 3.73 gears + T-lock
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