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Originally Posted by mattr12 View Post
Production started April 15th. That's about a month 1/2 ago. Dealers usually tell customers it takes 8 to 12 weeks to get a car from order, so even if someone ordered before April 15th, I am guessing that it is "acceptable", from Ford's point of view, to have to wait for the car up to 3 months from that date.

What is new, is that customers get much more information than before. People like JohnnyB give us information that we shouldn't have, but this information is just a status, it doesn't tell us why those cars are on hold. In order to satisfy our curiosity and vent our frustration, we gather "knowledge" from "sources" that have not been verified, and this upsets everyone even more.

Yes, we're paying a lot for those cars, yes, UPS can track a toothbrush travelling from Ohio to Nevada and give a daily status, yes every one would like to know what is Ramp 51, yes, we are comparing VINs and wondering why VIN 120 was delivered before VIN 106, yes, everyone who have been ordering before yesterday is anxious, jealous of the other dude who already got his car, etc etc.

Ford doesn't HAVE to tell us what's up with those cars. They're still on time. We see many getting shipped, things are moving.

Now that was my devil's advocate diatribe.

As a person, I wondered why my window sticker showed up one day later than the expected date. I am anxious to know if my car will be built on schedule. I will email JohnnyB on that date and ask for a status. If it is not built, I will yell at my computer, I will read all the possible Mustang forums and try to figure out why on earth my baby is one day late, two days late, a week late, I will blame Volcanos, electronic chips, Germans, aliens, the government, and demand that Ford gives me a valid reason for her not to be born yet. Why? Because I'm a person, because I'm so excited about this new car, because I was hoping that in 2010 Fomoco would give me much more status information than they used to. But the reality is that if my car is delivered before July 15th, then Ford actually made it within 12 weeks since the beginning of production, and me being impatient, angry, anxious, sad, etc..) was just me being human.

Dealers tell customers whatever they feel like. Often it is either based on their experiences or simply a SWAG. Mine told me 6-8 weeks. A far cry from 12. It's been 8 since I placed the order and nearly a month since the car was built. I told my salesman I wanted it by Memorial Day but that I also understood "sh!t happens" out of his control -- I just want to be kept in the loop. I have NOT been kept in the loop.

So if your dealer says "8-12 weeks" and you get it in 6, good on ya. But there is no "standard" answer for expected delivery dates, just to be clear.
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