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Originally Posted by #1fordlover View Post
Have you mentioned the thought of possibly selling the Car to your Brother and getting another? mabey he wont be too Happy with your Decision. I know if I gave you a Mustang and you sold it I'd be pissed and would feel Very Unappreciative.
But if he's all for it then I'd get a GT, if not I'd be Happy with My Newly Acquired Gift and Mod it, if it Blows then you did'nt lose too much, if it does'nt than you got a Nice Car Cheap

Yeah, talk to your brother. Get his input. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Bad blood gets started this way. He's giving you a perfectly good low mileage car which a lot of people would be very happy to have. He could have easily sold it himself and kept the money.
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