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That Can't Be

Originally Posted by hp-guy View Post
just spoke to a ford customer relations supervisor
5 minutes ago.person said"all mustangs,that includes 6 and 8 cyl models and auto and standard trans are on hold to check and make sure they meet ford specifications".i questioned the rep at length but could not get any more ride was ordered 2/2/10 -6 spd-black cloth-3.73 gears-red candy----with the latest e/t/a (after 3 push backs)of 5/24.still waiting!!!

That can't be true. My car was built on 5/20 and is being held. Others built on 5/20 have been delivered. Still others have been shipped but not yet delivered. Some cars with build dates after 5/20 have been shipped and received. That being the case, it cannot be true that ALL mustangs are on hold.
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