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Originally Posted by RRRcustom View Post
Sweet! I had wanted to order one that color with the deluxe interior (black leather with a blue stripe on the seats), with Brembos and 3.73's.

Then, I saw a new Mustang commercial with a grey 5.0 thats the same color as my 2006 F150. Now I'm thinking of buying one in that color since my truck and my wife's car are that color. It would be cool to have 3 cars the same color.

Gotta wait a few more years untill both our cars are paid of first. They may have an even better GT by then.
First saw that commercial during an episode of 24. I think it's going to sell a bunch of GTs.

BTW, the car is super clean looking but I wonder why I see an antennae sticking out from the back. Anyone know why Ford didn't embed it in the windshield?

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