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Originally Posted by Ebony5.0 View Post
That can't be true. My car was built on 5/20 and is being held. Others built on 5/20 have been delivered. Still others have been shipped but not yet delivered. Some cars with build dates after 5/20 have been shipped and received. That being the case, it cannot be true that ALL mustangs are on hold.

I just don't know what to believe any more other than Ford sucks when it comes to customer feedback.

I called today about mine and was told, in a nutshell, that my car (V6) was delayed because it shares a common component with the GT's that are on hold (all of them). None of this appears possible since SOME cars are being delivered.

Although process of elimination is starting to make me believe it's powertrain related to the manual transmission cars (not necessarily the tranny, though). Plenty of autos have made it out and a majority of the cars on the dealer lots seem to be autos. The manuals, however, seem to be merely trickling out and at least one has a clutch issue that Ford is aware of and is addressing.
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