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Originally Posted by 2011Sean View Post
I just got off the phone with my dealer. I went to him on May 22nd to order a 2011 and ended up signing an agreement on one that was coming in to his inventory with everything I wanted. We agreed to the 0% and I ended up with around $1500 in rebates. Today he called me to tell me the car's coming in on Monday, but that there's no way at all for me to still get 0% financing.

I was under the impression that my deal would be "rain-checked," and that I would have a choice between the incentives offered when I ordered and the incentives offered at time of delivery. What's the deal?

PS: The salesman also told me that he's under the impression that holds like mine (where the car was shipped in April) were done intentionally in order for Ford to renege on the 0%.

I'm east of you and ordered my GT Premium on 2/20/10, build 5/10/10, ETA 5/29, current status - RAMP 51 for quality hold. AAI tells be that the car S/B completed with this quality hold by 6/11/01 then shipped out. Sure......... At the time of purchase there was 0% for 36 month and $500 bonus customer cash. Unfortunately the 0% is gone and was replaced with 2.9% for 36 months. The other day there was no $500 bonus customer cash, BUT, I saw today that Promotional Retail Bonus Customer Cash is back on both the GT and V6 from 6/4/2010 to 7/6/2010 under Program #11796 for both models in our area and guess the other 49 states wouls be included.
The APR Financing program number is 20238. This was on the dealer web site.

I fully understand FMC wanting these cars to be 100% perfect as do we also, but be up front with all of us . Tell us the truth on the current events and provide real status update. Not the song and dance that current going on. Hell, we are the guy's who talk up these cars and how great they are to others. That means more sales to FMC. Besides, that would reduce our daily calls to the dealers, CS and AAI and anyone else we can find. Boy, isn't the web great for finding out their phone numbers and we will call. LOL

I hope they (FMC) read these threads.

Also, I called FMC CS and bitched about the zero % for 36 being gone. Trust me, I'm at the dealer the same day that my black GT rolls off the truck to bring it home.

I'm now concerned about my $750 private cash offer expiring on 7/2/2010 and not having the car in time. The CS rep documented my concerns, but no additional extension was given. Waiting....


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