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Originally Posted by HeroNtheShadows View Post
I can attribute to the handling difference. I test drove a '11 GT with Brembo brake pkg (including 19's and the strut bar) and then i took an extended test drive in a friend's '11, that he just bought and had 1100mi on the odometer, that DID NOT have the strut bar and had 18's....

the limit on the brembo equipped 'stang was noticably higher. it seemed to have less body roll. i flung the brembo equipped GT around the clovers on my local highways and it felt very planted with only a small hint of understeer at the time... and the brakes did feel stronger than my friend's was spirited driving and the AdvanceTrac never activated

my friends base GT Premium had aftermarket 18" wheels still shod with the standard Pirelli rubber. I did notice a touch more body roll... and around a stretch of S-curves i actually got the AdvanceTrac to activate, utilizing what felt like the right front brake to keep me from sliding to the outside of the corner due to a little more excessive understeer. both test drives were sunny/warm and in the afternoon

so i'd say the strut brace is worth it, plus it makes the engine bay look that much better.....

When/If i can actually order a '11 GT i want a Sterling Gray Metallic GT Premium/6M/ 3.55's/ HIDs w Security/ Brembo Pkg......still debating on the comfort pkg......
The strut brace is the least likely of the 100 differences between those two cars to be felt by you. Strut brace is for looks that all it really is ineffective at controlling a .010 inch of flex you couldn't possibly feel.

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