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Originally Posted by 2010-V6 View Post
Base model wins. I mean Ford charges over $3,000 for the premium - for what?

- leather. But it is fake on the rear bench! Only the front is real. I think the cloth looks like very high quality.
- SYNC. That's kind of neat, if u r into that kind of stuff.
- wheels, still only 17".
- bright silver dash. I admit that is nice.
- myColor whatnot...

I would save the thousands of $ and put them into accessories. Like wheels you actually want, really real leather throughout (like Katzkin), etc.

I just installed the chrome interior door handles, and i installed autolamps. I m looking into an auto-dimming mirror. Those are really the only premium features I want.
I thought the wheels are 18"?. Front seats is what counts really. SYNC system is amazing if you have ipod or Zune or any USB device. Being able to not play with your device while driving is certainly better for yourself and the people around you.

MyColor is some what of a gimmick i must admit but, it does look really cool. At night atleast!.
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