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I don't really know much about the radars and trapsters though I used to have one ('80s - old stuff lol).

Anyway, back in the spring break '85 some college friends and I drove back to DC from Florida. I was following three cars front and two others behind us for about two hours entering North Carolina. The front threesome had radars on in them... ours was a rental car with no radar and two others too, apparently... one was breaking off before already then it was ours turn about to exit off for a truck stop and driver change... it was about a mile before the exit approach there was one state police car popping out of blue flashing on and caught the front threesome himself but not ours then we exited. We were surprised but blessed.

Sure, it was some 25 years ago but go figure that the radars do not always help after all. Nowadays I could safely assume that cops do have better technology to spot and jam radars.

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