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Originally Posted by Slimpickenz View Post
I'm buying a 2011 Mustang GT this summer, and will be moving to Maryland in October. I have driven in the snow before without much difficulty, and have 20 years of driving experience, so am very experienced behind the wheel. I was wondering what everyone's feeling are about winter driving in a Mustang. I'm debating on whether I should buy winter tires or just getting a second car for around $2,000 and put the 'Stang in storage when the white stuff starts falling. As my Mustang will be coming with "summer only" tires, I know that I will need to buy new tires if I decide to drive my Mustang during the winter. The benefits of getting winter tires would be that I can drive my car all year long, save money on the insurance for a second car, and possibly keep the resale value of the car higher. The downside would be the salt and possibility of being rear-ended by another driver. What do you think?

Thanks for posting this question. I am in New Jersey and had the same concerns.
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