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Originally Posted by 2Rowdy View Post
Mine just showed up online with a build date of 6/8 an the dealer says it's suppose to be delivered on 6/13. That's wishful thinking, but from what I understand, it is possible. I live in Ohio and as I understand it, cars being built now DO NOT go to the end of line for delivery, thay are checked and shipped assuming no issues. Well, we'll just wait and see what happens. All I want is a 5.0 Mustang, so what choice do I have but to be patient. I turn 50 (that's 5 0) at the end of June, maybe I'll get a nice B-day present. I ordered the beast on 1/30, so I am patient enough I guess.
you ordered 1/30 and you just got a vin how come so long? I ordered 2/9 built on 4/19 dont think i will ever see it at this rate
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