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Originally Posted by ptc559 View Post
I have been trying all week to get my sticker with no luck,
this morning I said let me try again and Shazam... there it was.
see attached

Using the link below, my window sticker just showed up on-line.
A nice feeling to see it and to know it actually will be built... When I will get it will be a different story. I am hoping by mid July

Here is the link to use once you have your VIN
just add the VIN after the = sign

that's interesting. I was comparing your WS with mine. We have the same car, except mine is 401A rapid spec. The EPA fuel economy on my WS says 17 and 26. Yours says 18 and 25. Also, under the "ONE" and "TWO" boxes, yours says CU5P and CA41, and mine says RA27 and nothing in box two. Yours is CONVOY mine is RAIL. Anyone knows what CU5P, CA41, RA27 mean?
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