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Salt is nasty and should be outlawed but isn't

I had two 05 Mustangs. Drove both in the winter in Western New York State. They both have bubbling and peeling paint under the lips of both the hood and trunklid from just two winters in the salt. All the aluminum parts under the hood look like crap now, and there's even rust on the metal base of the seat frames, etc.

I have moved finally to get the **** out of the salt...forever I hope.

One of my cars was a V-6 coupe with auto trans and antilock brakes. I put four takeoff bullitt wheels and four new Michelin X-ice snow tires on it. That car was so much fun to drive in the winter that I looked for excuses to take short road trips EVERY weekend all one winter. I was just amazed by it's performance in the snow. Floor it, spin the tires briefly and trac control takes over. Slam on the brakes at the last minute and antilock takes over. Saves a lot of driver error. Wanna be a child and purposefully do donuts in the snow...then turn off the traction control.

If you pay cash for the new car, you aren't then required to have full insurance while it is off the road. You just need comprehensive while it is in storage and you turn in the plates for the winter. Saves money. Ask your insurance company..if you have a loan on the car...maybe there is a compromise option if plates are removed and car is in storage. If you have no place to store it in the city, then rent barn space in the country. I pay $150. a year for barn storage for one car.

Buy something like my 05 Mustang as a winter car. I've found that a used car 8 to 10 years old is just too old as a winter least in the heavy salt country. They eat you up in repair costs for all the stuff that rusts out UNDERNEATH the car...stuff attached to the bottom of the car. Maybe you could find a southern used car which does not already have lots of rust...that would be better.

If you have the option to take public transportation or get a ride to work on days in which there is snow (and several days thereafter), then that would be the cheapest thing to do.

Hopefully, and eventually, the governments will see that salt just causes more problems with our lives. What should be done is to stop putting salt on the streets, require snow tires, and teach people to drive with more extensive driving classes.
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