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Originally Posted by GrabberBlue5.0 View Post
I am willing to wait the extra time for my new car to be built. I have waited this long so I might as well wait for the car I really want.

Any idea about the A plan that I used for the first order, Can I use that same A plan again??
Grabber, the A Plan Pin is not tied to the vehicle, it is tied to you and the dealership that "locks" it in. I've had many customers that have given me a pin and switched vehicles. The problem with Pins is switching dealerships. If the dealership has locked it in. They don't have to release it and you will need another one for the new dealership.

Ford allows the dealership to lock in a pin, if there is a signed buyers agreement. It is very difficult to "unlock" the pin. Pretty much impossible, as Ford says it's a dispute between dealers and won't intervene. I've personally had this happen to one of my customers. I'm an FSM in Canada, but I'm assuming the US is the same. Heck, I call Orlando FL for Pins all the time :-)

Present yourself sincerely and honestly. Don't get their backs up and your dealer should be accommodating. Good Luck!!

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