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Ford gives discounts to certain groups of people. It all depends on what category you fall under.

A/Z are for Ford Employees (immediate family) and Retirees (Z)

X are Friends, and Suppliers (Citigroup, Dofasco, FedEX, etc) Virtually anyone can get an X plan pin and it will save you money

D/F is for Dealership employees (same discount as A) and F is for Dealer Relatives (better than X)

Ideally "A" is the best you can get as it is below cost. Plus you may be entitled to other Union benefits and discounts. CAW members got an extra 2600 plus 1000 for insurance a couple of years ago. It has since been negotiated out.

Granted, I'm in Canada, so the US may be different BUT that is what it is here.

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