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Originally Posted by 5venoms View Post
The 71-73 body style is by far my most favorite of teh original generation Mustang. I have owned 4 of them over the last 20 years. You did a graet job and it looks great. With some Mach1 side stripes, and magnum 500 style wheels that car would look bad to A$$.
One-hundred percent agreed in regards to the Magnum 500's. With all due respect to them, I can't stand the rampant trend of low-profile wheels and tires. The car that I photoshopped this off of had these:

Thanks, but no thanks. There is something about that design that makes my skin crawl.

On a fun note, there is a Ford Ranger pool truck that shows up in the neighborhood now and then - and its running around on wheels that look like Magnum 500's, or are Magnum 500's. Either way, I can't help but smile every time I see it; even though the Ranger itself isn't much to look at.

Originally Posted by 05yellergt View Post
Beautiful!!! Maybe that will be the next body update.

To tell you the truth, I wish it was. I must confess that I like the results of the photoshop better than the original.

Originally Posted by CorvetteDreamin View Post
Styling is very nice. I'm a little concerned about the increased blind-spot, however. And the b-pillar isn't big enough for a production car. (You missed the passenger side b-pillar too.)
If this design ever did make it to production, it'd probably end up with the same quarter window interior treatment as the Dodge Challenger. Thick and bulky.

I'm not sure that the visibility would be any better or worse than the Dodge product though. Though the B pillars would be larger, the window's additional size might improve rearward visibility. Not by much, but if Dodge gets away with it in the present day, it shouldn't be out of the question for Ford to do roughly the same.

Originally Posted by RCstang View Post
Looks great, nice work with photoshop?
Paint Shop Pro 7, to be exact, though "Photoshopping" has become the generic term.

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