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Originally Posted by Dewracer007 View Post
Guys, the wait is well worth it. I ordered on Jan 26th, took delivery on May 25th.
That is 17 WEEKS! I don't think there are too many of you who have waited that long. Be Patient, it is worth it!
At SEMA 2009, reps from Ford told me about the early ordering for the 2011s...
Spec'd the car 12/26/09, ordered accepted 1/19/10, built 5/14/10... been waiting since.

I'm just beyond angry at the Ford BS of people ordering cars afterward that are driving around...
I know it's not the other owners fault, I just don't understand why Ford goes and brags about pre-selling 11,000 units opening day if they can't ship 'em.
What's the purpose in ordering early? (my stupid mistake)

I was happy with my 2005 Mustang GT that I ordered in July of 2004 and received November of 2004. Prior to that purchase, I had only considered purchasing a new T-bird until I saw that dealers were marking them up +10k... I figured even with the competition out there, I would give Ford the business again and purchase a 2011 Mustang GT. Now with it sitting at AAI for who knows how long, I'm having second thoughts. It has until my birthday next month to get here before I consider my other options.

:end rant:

This is in no way directed at you Dewracer007, I'm just and I hope someone at Ford sees it... not that it'll make any difference -I'm just one buyer
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