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Originally Posted by Horsewhipped View Post
Have driven my Black 06 GT through 4 winters - in Ohio Crawled right through it. Only problem has been getting up my driveway, if not shoveled. I've got it looking like I just drove it off the dealership floor. Just hose off the underside at the manual carwash when possible. I've got 33,000 on the original tires.
Who hooo....I only needed 1 person to say they did it!!! :kooky:

Now I shall give it a try.

10 people say it cant/shouldn't be done....1 says it can. Who do I listen to? I feel like a Hope no one tells me to try the summer tires in the snow.

I was most nervous about the rust. I know the cars of old would potentially rust terribly, but the cars I have bought since the late 90s have not had rust issues. They were all GM cars, but I figure Ford shouldnt be much different.

I am hoping the Fords AdvanceTrac will help in the snow. At any rate, I will post my driving experiment this winter (Assuming I can get out of the sub division).
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